Vote pwrwq for Survival President!

Hello there! I, the very good pwrwq, wants to be YOUR president of survival
(for mod purposes its basically just a fancy title and stuff lol)

What do I promise?

  • I promise to do my best to have (almost) every biome at topspawn for fishing! This includes the desret, glowing mushroom, jungle, corruption, crimson, and as much as can phiscally fit in the area! This will make a good QoL improvement from moving around the server at warps. I will ofc need help, so anyone willing to help would be nice.
  • A spawn bait farm! I will help new players get bait fast and without too much risk of :skull::skull::skull:.

When will be the election?

whenever u guys/gals/other pals want
also elections happen every two months lol

Please build a poll
  • Please build a poll because polls gather data for the audience.

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Lol. Well, you’ll have my vote. Having fishing biomes and bait farms at spawn is haven for fishing enthusiast like me :relieved:


Time to make p r o p o g a n d a, aka buildboards in topspawn
now I need a team to help build the fishing spots every run


Sorry, But DG has already mah vote