Vendetta Clan

Clan Name

Clan Description/Info
Vendetta is a challenge based clan. There’ll be specific tasks to complete throughout the server, which will be rewarded once finished. This will be mostly in PvE, but can range to PvP, Build, Zombies etc. Rewards include custom Titles, Tags, Credits and DP. Other than that, there will be custom events held which members are required to participate in which will also include Rewards.

Clan Color
Dark Blue / Violet (#5913c2) HEX

Clan Ranks

1: Novice - For newly joined members. Participation in specific events is allowed, but not for custom hosted events. Maximum rewards - 0.25 credits and 300DP
2: Watcher - For members that have completed multiple specific challenges and have stayed active. Maximum Rewards - 1 Credit and 500DP
3: Ether - For members that have completed most/all of the main challenges and are active within the clan and on DG. Can participate in all events and challenges. Maximum Rewards - 3 Credits and 1000DP

Staff Ranks
1: Shattered - People who are dedicated in making their own challenges/events for players to compete in. Also secondary job is recruitment.
2: Withered - Players who manage events set up and handle members in the clan.
3: Dissident - Rank for owner and co owner. Only recruited by me.

If you are interested in joining, you can do so by joining the Sanctuary server on Discord.