Various Minigames

Ok so I have been thinking of new fun things that we as a community can add to DG! I recommend a few new game modes or minigames to enhance an already fun server! CTG Also know as Capture the gem should be added with different classes and a giant arena for a fun, team based experience, Red vs Blue, Also, there should be teamed PvP where you keep all you current gear, and there are two teams, Red vs Blue, and the two teams battle it out for a fun but difficult challenge! Maybe A few tweaks could be added to the current Zombie mode too!

I’d also like to see more minigames cough cough duck hunt cough cough.
But, Rofle already seems super busy, so I don’t know. There’s already enough things to keep my occupied.
The Zombies GameMode is amazingly fun.

Yes, I think new Gamemodes will make DG a bit more unique. I myself have experimented with a few CTG arenas (/warp CTG on mirror) Though I have to make do with the perms I currently have. Loadouts for classes, wiring for game starters and beds for team bases. Also I think Hunger Games from Minecraft will look really good on terraria.

I personally think that hunger games would be hard, considering pvp is alot like it, however you’d have to make alot of plugins work for hunger games so the chests refill after each round, and a whole bunch of stuff that would be difficult, also, you’d have to make a arena significantly bigger than the one in the PVP dimension because player’s have to hide, personally, since terraria is 2D, that would be a very difficult thing to do

The problem is by no means how difficult it would be to make the gametype; the problem is how difficult it is to get people to actually play it. Few people playing would make it boring and not enough people playing would make it impossible.

I think a cool gamemode we (including me) could add is a undertale themed dodge where 1 person is “sans” and all of the others are “frisks”. sans gets a heavy terra blade, and the frisks get throwing knives to kill sans. sans gets 200 hp and frisk gets 900 hp. what do u think?

also it requires at least 5 people

P-please leave…

Honestly, if anybody remembers the old CFS PvP server with CTF, we need that shit back. That was amazin’. There’s still the CFS community out there, just nobody sticks out to put a server/etc.