Variety in Survival

Heya, this is just a simple suggestion, I think it’d be a nice change of pace and fun to do different special seeds maybe every other week. Examples being the “for the worthy”, “not the bees”, and the drunk server, or even sometimes mastermode for the more hardcore players. I can see a lot of people who really love survival getting kind of bored, including myself who has done 4 different playthroughs with each class. I’m not sure how hard it would be to code in, it’s just a suggestion.

This was brought up a couple of times before, but the one I see most certainly being denied because Quinci already said it won’t happen, is a reset with a world generated with the “For the Worthy” seed, simply because, in those worlds, Skeletron Prime’s bombs from Prime Cannon can destroy blocks, which could destroy protected areas, most notably spawn and the housing platform. In addition, other FTW world behaviors (such as bombs dropping from shaken trees and ash blocks sometimes falling when other nearby ash is broken) could be used by players as griefing methods.

I’m not trying to shoot down the idea as a whole, I’m just bringing up the part of it that won’t happen and why, because that’s a bad habit of mine.

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As Tru3thul just said, the “for the worthy” seed will not be used anytime soon because of the block-destroying Skeletron Prime. Besides that, I also cannot imagine “not the bees” as a survival seed because of how annoying and easily accessible queen bee spawners will be. Perhaps there may be a world with the “drunk world” seed, however I doubt it. With all of these seeds, there is also another major problem. Since these seeds are widely known and can be put in a map-viewer, the whole map is essentially revealed to anybody willing to put in some effort. In the past, there were several times where survival had well-known seeds and the same seed for multiple resets. This did not bode well, and players monopolized loot as they recognized the whole world. I think there has been some discussion about enabling the “for the worthy” flag on randomly-generated seeds by using map editors, however this will not happen anytime soon, especially because of the aforementioned Skeletron Prime which can destroy tiles.
Survival could be put in master mode - and personally I do not know why it has not been set on master mode yet - but the admins say that they want to cater to all survival players. The admins say they do not want to ruin the experience of the players driving progression or the others who vie for a more casual experience. Also, seeing the recent changes to survival, I think the admins are currently prioritizing the “vanillafication” of survival.
I would love it if there were new changes to survival which enhanced the difficulty, but survival has not even run a single master reset as of now.