V6 Spawn!

I should probably explain this before anything else. So recently I’ve been thinking about the older Terraria, and that got me thinking about V4, and that got me thinking about spawn, so yea.
I ended up really wanting the old V4 spawn back and such, so I decided to make a strawpoll to see what the community wanted and such.
Then I decided to see who the community thought was best fit for building a new spawn. I’m not saying that V6 is coming soon or anything, in fact I have no idea when it will be since cough Rofle cough hasn’t been on in like 5 days.
Anyways this is NOT official for the new spawn, it’s more of just a community opinion… thing…


Vote for “What we should do for V6 spawn?”: http://strawpoll.me/7282783
Vote for “Who should build V6 spawn?” http://strawpoll.me/7282869

So, I’m going to go over all the pros and cons of all the builders right now, and then you can decide who you think should build and stuff. Don’t expect much, there’s only so much to compare.
If you want to be included on the builders list, then post on this thread




  • Excellent at creating structure frames
  • Builds actively (when he has something to build at least)
  • Is good with curves ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Has experience with building large structures


  • [u][i]Only[/u][/i] adequate at detailing
  • Is rather grouchy
  • Struggles to value efficiency and use over detail and shape



  • World Edit OP
  • Is active
  • Has experience building spawns (built V5 spawn)
  • Has a good balance between efficient builds and detailed builds
  • Has decent design


  • Has an awkward time zone



  • Is active
  • Has knowledge of blocks
  • Has experience building with large structures and spawns
  • Has an okay balance between efficient builds and detailed builds
  • Has a good sense of design


  • Is bad with frame building
  • Doesn’t excel at building from scratch



  • Is generally active
  • Has excellent design and good details
  • Has relatively efficient builds


  • Is not overly experienced with spawn like builds


What’s the “ONLY adequate at detailing” thing for me mean?

The option to select everyone getting together to create spawn was kind of a joke people, stop voting for it :kappa:
Derp it means you’re not good but not bad at detail, like you have said before about yourself.

Ah, was wondering why there was emphasis on only really.

But ultimately, with how you proposed the everyone working together, it probably would be the best option as everyone could work with their strong suits. Not sure why you would say to stop voting with or without a kappa

Well, it may be best considering we all have different strong points, but the downside is that we aren’t all going to be on at the same time, and we would need to have at least two of us on to continue building big parts of the build. Sure it works, but it’s such a hassle…

Well if we all work on strong suits, we wouldn’t have to be on at the same time. Progress would be dependent on whoever was making the base shape, and as that would likely be A68 or myself, we wouldnt really be limited. I can be on a lot and as such leave a hefty chunk of work behind for the fine detailers, so they likely wouldnt run out of space to work on. It would essentially be an assembly line: A68 or myself makes a big part, and maybe I do some detailing if I want a specific look. After I move on, you further refine the design, then after you move on Alien does his fine detailing magic. If were staggered like this, and I no-life it like I do all of my builds, then those further down the line will have no shortage of stuff to work on.

Especially because I love building big.
and you’d have to find a way to deal with all my curves :smiley:

i think everyone should be allowed to work on the spawn so its not unfair for the people who can sort of build but not really build like DerpDerp (;

get a rekt m9 ooooooo :o

Uhh, letting everyone build on spawn (talking as in all the players, not just the people who I’ve listed) would be a really bad idea. That’d create a very unorganized spawn that wouldn’t live up to rhe spawn standards that we have had thus far

Sammich is correct here. The spawn area is what gives new players their first impression of the server. A bad spawn will quickly drive away some people, as a lot of people just build boxes.

I meant the peple in the voteing a system sorry for the confusion

Anyone can vote…
It’s just requested that you know the difference between the voting options

Im a good builder:P this boi built 2 GM arenas bro!

You do not determine if you are a good builder; that is left to others to decide based on what they see on your builds. As well, building GM arenas is a lot different than building a Spawn Complex.

I am not saying or implying that you are a poor builder, as I don’t believe I have seen any of your builds, but it should be noted that just because 2 of your arenas got accepted for GM server use does not mean you are ready to build a spawn. (It doesn’t mean you aren’t ready either, though)

I’ve seen a few bad spawns, I beleive to my knowledge that DG isn’t known for that, the current DG spawn is organized, beautiful, and overall well-thought.

I honestly disagree, golden. Sure it’s gotten a bit more thought than the orevious spawns, but keep in mind the thread I made about spawna awhile ago where I addressed the ropes and the slants in the arena. This spawn has a color scheme that I honeslty dislike as well. The overall shape is nice though. To add onto the shame, the walling and the overall theme are quite lag inducing. Overall, it’s the most modern spawn, but it’s not our best imo.

Probally not, but I have seen way worse, everyone is entiled to there opinion.

To be honest, I’d like to see a redone version of V4. It wasn’t pretty, but it had a feeling of warmth, it made me want to stick around, it was just cozy. The new spawn is both functional and amazing, It’s just too factoryish for my taste. I miss the cozy ol’ V4. Then again, people seem to like the new V5. My personal taste doesn’t really matter.

Don’t ever say you don’t matter. As long as you go to the server, your opinion is valuable for spawn. It differs how valuable your opinion is, but in the case of an Admin, it’s guaranteed to hold weight.

I (Or we) can potentially make a purdy V4 revamp for you avery <3
Except granite isn’t warm. Or fuzzy.
And it’d be for the people who voted. Not just you.
But at least it fits the “Dark” part of “DarkGaming”… right?

We need to get more people voting on this ._.

I guess you could consider this a bump.