Useful Canned Replies

Here’s some canned replies that could be useful for everyone:

Crew Directions

**Crew Directions**
Crew is a free set of perks for those who own the game on steam.
If you indeed have not pirated or shared the game, crew is available at
Here you login with your in-game account on the server, then authenticate your copy of Terraria via steam.
Be certain to have your Account Info -> Privacy Settings -> My Profile -> Public -> Game Details > Public.
You can later revert your privacy settings once you have confirmed crew works.
If you have the badge on BUT do not have the perks, go to

Help & Support - Register & Login

You have to register first. You can do this by going to `/rift`(say it in chat) then say `/register <password>`(replace password with a new one no one else knows). If it responds with:
[bgcolor=#1c0054][color=00C903]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Registered successfully. Now /login.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;[/color][/bgcolor]
run `/login <password>`(the password from earlier).

otherwise if it responds with:
[bgcolor=#1c0054][color=FFFFFF]&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;You will be allowed to register in ...&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;[/color][/bgcolor]

then wait for that amount of time before trying this again

The canned replies but they are short enough for Phase.

Getting crew

Log in in, then authenticate your steam account. Be certain to have your Account public for the crew verification.

Logging in

Enter /register apassword in /rift. If it responds with: Registered successfully, enter /login thesamepassword. If it responds with: You will be allowed to register in ... then wait that time until registering.


I would suggest splitting these sentences into one message per sentence, since even a message that doesn’t look that long can crash people in-game when you send it from Phase/in-game.


What is Phase?

Phase is a service which is the Terraria chat without being in Terraria. Visit (PC)/ (Mobile) and log in with your ingame account data.

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