Update TShock (?) to support 1.4.3+

Afaik all dimensions except for Rift and Items are not updated to support items and player character traits (shimmer consumables, hairstyles, etc.) from 1.4.3 and further updates due to an outdated/unmaintained version of TShock relative to the game

After testing on a mb lobby in Zombies, I cannot /i or /zchest additem items added in updates 1.4.3+
However, projectiles with IDs above 956 (tested projectile 971) can be attached via /zchest moditem

I am not aware of any ongoing developments/obstructions to the development on the software or which software controls the SSC and mentioned systems. I am assuming that it is an outdated version of TShock in relativity to the current state of the game.

I’m hoping for a patch since I’d like to retain items and stats from recent updates throughout /loadouts and have them utilized in Zombies maps.

And even the /i command does not support 1.4.4 items atm, whereas Aurura (another sever with an items command) does.
This is a letdown to those who want the new items and cant get them here, discouraging them from using the server further,

the inability to access recent updates’ items is a deterrent for players who join the server for the items alone, and the Items dimension already provides 1.4.3+ items
implementing new items and SSC traits would benefit dimensions such as PvP and Zombies most, I’d say

Already undergoing internally.