[Update] Statistics and Ranks

WhiteX updated Statistics (finally) and now it is back in use again. I recommend you start playing to earn some DarkPoints. For those that have linked their accounts, you may see your statistics and DarkPoints on the site here.

The stats should update every now and then (I actually don’t know when, for now…). Your DarkPoints will be used for Clans and Ranks which can now be finished because there is a currency to buy stuff with :slight_smile:

Another Statistics plugin is in-dev and hopefully will soon support MySQL.

so DP dont work right?I was wondering why I dont have any?

The DTP Stats page has been updated. Not all Stats are displayed currently. DP should now increase with kills, damage etc. Buying a rank automatically updates your in-game rank meaning you do not need to /login. The update will also be applied to “Verify your Account” at the DTP page.

It says I have no dip from like 600 or more to 0


Thats because I reset all DP values.


I just lost 2 months of my life

You’ll find that its easier to get DP now.

I can’t reset my rank

Yeah I hadn’t finished that but its done now.

Yay thx pop this is awesome

Wait I clicked on stats and I am now anmarine

A marine

i have killed people but it says I have none?
If im not ment to kill people to get them then how do i get then?

@Angustar - We had to remove Statistics for the time being… and you can’t earn DP without Statistics.

I have been killing npcs is /warp mobs and /warp arena but my stats are still blank

raiku02 the statistic plugin is broken and so has been removed for the time being. Becuase of this you cannot gain stats towards your dp or the leaderboards.

After a recent triumph from Enerdy, the plugin now works again.

Wooo Finally i Can regain My #1 position infront of Rofl on the leaderboard :stuck_out_tongue: