Update Schedule

Below details the planned schedule for updates. This will be interrupted if a new Terraria update is released. This schedule will be updated when release dates for the items listed have been confirmed as well as for any additions.


PvP [June 5th] - Released
Bug Fixes

  • Shadow Dodge, Solar Flare Buff, Beetle Shell Buff and Paladin’s Shield Buff
  • Prefixes that change damage

Items [June 8th] Released

  • Add missing dev sets
  • Reorder DD2 items

Items [June 8th] Pending Release

  • Add armor/vanity sets to /i

PvP [June 10th] Released
Bug Fixes:

  • Fix damage ratio updates for projectiles
  • Fix velocity ratio updates for projectiles

Zombies [June 26th] Released

  • Give Hardcore Zombies now its own DP Bank

TSL will be updated further so that it can be pushed closer towards the next microservice goal: MyBuild. Building as of late has not been updated much. MyBuild will provide near admin-like powers for users to build in their own microworld. This includes things like WorldEdit, History, Permissions and Schematic Downloads.

Zombies [July] Urgent

  • Fix 0 count issue

PvP [July 25th] Delayed
Special Item update. Weapon’s will be fully-customisable by the council to match what is possible in the Special Item Dimension. This will also ensure that the damage displayed on the weapon will be the actual damage, and will help with things like Vampire Knives that do damage-based healing that do not work in the current system. Velocities will also be moved client-side so that there is no delays in updating the projectile, and should fix the problems with things like Paladin’s hammer that occurred in the past.


  • Add newest parameters to non-TSL Dimensions