Unwanted Zombies Maps

Here I have four maps that I don’t plan to do anything with myself, instead I will focus on my bigger project, Jungle Village, which will be the new best map and the first map with something interesting other than fighting zombies. Anyone can take them, even more than one, but they must prove to me that they are worthy of doing so, because I don’t want my beautiful creations turning into dumpster garbage.


Question One :
How well will you handle my map/maps?

Question Two :
Do you promise to keep secrets secrets?

Yeah, and that’s it, all the answers I need from you.

What Will Happen

Once you are worthy, you ask the zombies managers to move the map, show them the acception of worthiness, and then if there aren’t any complications, then you can now setup the map yourself.

Once I am aware, I will tell you the lore (WHICH YOU MUST NOT SHARE ALL AT ONCE) of the map. You are free to make edits, because, well, you own the map now (but not the lore, that’s still mine).


Demon’s Aftermath

A very hard (or supposed to be very hard) map that takes place in the underworld. Position : 4945, 2275

Lush Tropics

A map that takes place at the center of the jungle. Position : 5563, 304

Crimson Haven

A map that was a present for a now dead clan that takes place in the crimson. Position : 622, 1605

Oh yeah also 2.1 in the submissions don’t matter if someone takes the map over.

Also you need crew.


Q1: I will make sure that the maps are moved and that I add all the content in according to the map’s submission page. I won’t change anything about the builds themselves and only change items that really need to be balanced (too overpriced or overpowered for its difficulty).

Q2: I promise to keep all the secrets a secret.



I’d recommend adding cool ideas, but still not changing anything too big.
And if anything is too hard Lush Tropics Parkour, you can fix that.


I kinda want to join but I feel like i might mess up (and im still waiting on those build perms, admins)