[Unknown] Unban me

Look Im Zweilous Everybody (admins I mean) Say i griefed but my sister goes on my account and screwes everything up

Post a thread in the ban-appeals section using the following format:
[1] Why were you banned?
[2] When were you banned?
[3] How long have you been banned?
[4] Where were you when you was banned?
[5] Do you think your ban was unfair?
[6] Why should we unban you?

There is no word limit, however, a more detailed application will be given more thought. Rushing your application will not get you unbanned.

Follow this format.

I got banned because I griefed and all the Admins think I griefed
I got banned at 6:45pm
I got banned 25 minutes ago
I was in the Interragation RooI think my Ban was Unfair when I did not remember Greifing. Also, my sister sometimes goes on my account and screws stuff up. And I mean Alot of stuff She got my roblox account banned and my pirate 101 banned
I think you should unban me because I can play with my friend Gizzmo, also my friend Ekijah likes my Penguin named Mr.Fish and I would at least like to collect him. I also love the Arena cuz If I want a boss I can just destroy a sign and a boss will come (Sometimes there stuck in a wall) also The Item Generator is pretty neat as well as the PvPers

Well at the Front I ment to put My sister griefed

Well I like it. I think that he should be unbanned. Want me to do it rofl?

Also since it was your sister. (Maybe.)

I was the one who banned him also.

Thank you so Much I will Also Make sure my sister doesnt get on my computer

I can’t unban you yet. Rofl still has to give me permission or do it himself

Oh It is? I am Such a Moron Sometimes

Don’t beat yourself up I raised your expectations but I still have to wait for rofl.

Oh and can you see me when I tried to join

I’m not on Right now

Again I am Such A moron





Hey dude you can post on here Im going to bed Ill respond probbally at 7:00

And Im talking california time

Bump just so rofl can see this.

What you mean bump

Didn’t I unban you already? Bump means Im posting here to make it appear on recent threads. Also theres a bug where I delete a post and it still counts towards thread being more recent (that is for me as a note)