Un-ban me?

It says I was banned for griefing. I got banned on the 7th of February 2014 at 5:15 (I think) But I went to go get some lunch while my sister was printing some stuff on my computer then I came back and it said: “You are banned forever for griefing.” I have never griefed in my life or disrespected the server rules in any way and I’m really confused and sad as to why I was banned :c. I do think my ban was unfair. (I don’t mean to be rude :slight_smile: ) I was going to apply to be a helper before I got banned. I think you should unban me because I didn’t really do anything and whenever someone on the server needs help and there’s no helper I usually help them.

Please take this into consideration,

-Donuts (A.K.A “Tip” on the server)

PS: I don’t know who banned me.

Correct, you was banned : “2014-02-07 @ 16:22:38” according to the servers local-time. Your Banner was Wyvern Squad Captain and thus they have to deal with this application. The Staff member will be notified of this application.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Tip, you were banned because you in fact DID grief. The /history command shows it. I will post a picture where you did in a min.

Ok if I did grief then here’s my ban appeal application. But how did I grief?

I think I’m just being really dumb but, I don’t understand. Please explain.

I saw a hole in that red box. I used the /history command (tells you who has destroyed or placed a block and when) on it, and it said “Tip broke tile”. Griefing is an automatic ban.

I did that 4 hours ago (I’m guessing) and it didn’t automatically ban me. I didn’t know it was griefing, I thought that if you broke protected stuff it’s griefing. I’m really sorry.

It didn’t automatically ban you. The punishment is an immediate ban, I should have said. The punishment for griefing is an immediate ban, protected or not. And it IS protected.

I’ll give you another chance. Don’t let it happen again.