unban me pls

i dont get why i was banned i was gonna make a review on youtube and then theese LIARS said i griefed so can u pls unban me i love this server and i will kill to get back on and i know people wont read this but anyways this server rocks

follow format. it’s “sticky”


i must get back on the server

there is a sticky thread that is required to post a ban appeal :o

look at ban appeals. look at ban format

well i know lots of servers like this one so goodbye

sorry for ‘‘griefing’’

terraria server burned!!

time too move on

im gonna miss this cheesy server and yes that just happend boom

but dood… this server is a one of a kind, its so epiccc!!

yes i know but they ban people who tell the truth

and its dude

wait!!! go to ban appeals! look at the sticky thing! make a ban appeal!!! you can’t leave!

they unban ppl who grieved on purpose!

ok fine ur lucky i am on terraria servers right now so i guess i can do tht

dood, i know you did it >.> just make a REAL ban appeal, get approved for an unban, and continue to play on this amazing server, dont lie when you grief, look at me im only a crew and i know you griefed… come on now…

EDIT: Cough, Cough. Grammer :slight_smile:

ok make one with format and whoever banned you will decide

were is the sticky thang

it’s called ‘ban appeal format’ and at the very beginning it says ‘sticky’

i am on it

ok. make a thread and write "[Q1] the answer to q 1


i look at new ban appeal :slight_smile: u’ll get unbanned i hope :smiley: