Unban me please.

RawrChildren just banned me for saying that I was hacking. I was not hacking. BoB wanted to test some type of weapon on me and it didnt work. This does not show that I was hacking, it was clearly showing that I didnt have PVP enabled. Please read my message. Thank you - War Machine (ACDC)

[1] Why were you banned? I was “Hacking”
[2] When were you banned? About 20 minutes ago
[3] How long have you been banned? 20 minutes ago
[4] Where were you when you was banned? I was afk
[5] Who banned you? If you do not remember their name, then what was their staff rank? RawrChildren banned me. She is a SuperAdmin
[6] Do you think your ban was unfair? If so, why? I think it was unfair. First, because I was afk and before I went afk BoB wanted to test a weapon on me “Lemme see something” were his words, after that I went afk. The last words I saw before I went away was “We need to ban this guy” RawrChildren said this.
[7] Why should we unban you? I should be unbanned because I was not hacking. I didnt have PVP enabled. The message that it said when I tried to come back was “Hacking m8” from RawrChildren. I think it was him/her because in the chat before all of this happened she said m8 a lot.

I completly agree with Deandre that does, in no way show he was hacking. It could however mean that rawr jumps to conclusions considering the fact that he/she did ban three other people for “hacking” with no proof. DeAndre should be unbanned and apologized to.

I did not test a weapon on you I did /kill on you multiple times. So did raw and you didn’t die.

Do you remember when me and Rawr sparred or PVPed whatever. She killed me? And It looked like you tested a weapon on me. I wasnt really paying attention since I was about to go afk.

/kill kills you even if u r not in PvP. and the only way it dont kill you is when u r hacking

it was probably a lag it happens to dragonslayer often

not that kinda lag!

So what happens to me? I really enjoyed that server! D: I’d hate to be accused of hacking.

So what happens to me? I really enjoyed that server! D: I’d hate to be accused of hacking.

So what happens to me? I really enjoyed that server! D: I’d hate to be accused of hacking.


dragon,yes it is I sit there trying to kill you and you don’t die

well the ban appeal usually works if u r really sorry and promise to not do it again :slight_smile:

I am really sorry for hacking and I promise to NEVER do it again
I do lag out a lot at that place tho

So you admit on were hacking?

I was there, and I think he was hacking. Also he admitted to it, and he said it will never happen again. So just so you know war machine, that if someone even thinks you are hacking again, a mod or higher will come on, and see. You will be banned again. (If he gets unbanned)

Rawr was the one that banned him, but he is a little inactive, so I will consider this appeal.

Okay, that works, because you guys both were going to ban him.

Let’s get some members opinion on it.

In my opinion I think that he did in fact grief and that this should be denied.
He lied several times.
He basically mocked you guys.
But hey, this is a ban appeal so whoever is going to deal with this should consider that he apologised and the fact that this is a ban appeal. However he hasn’t really answered you question (BoB) as to if he admits to it or not.

Yes he did, he said he hacked, and he is really sorry.

Ok then. My opinion has changed. Maybe he should be unbanned.

i think so and if he does again banned forevermore