Ultimate World V4

Well it’s finally time for a new world…

However, this time, its not just another V3 template… oh no…

I present to you: Ultimate VX
The new world template is V1, V2 and V3 all in one. With all the original signs and their contents.

Furthermore, the server needs some downtime to do the new world, wipe the database (of things like history, warps etc), add some new plugins, setup warp plates, setup warps, setup chests. Estimated downtime should be 2-3 hours.

Moreover, after it is then publicly released, a new rotation will commence wherein the “/spawn” changes each day (or every other day, depending on external factors) to the next V spawn. It will start at V1, then go to V2, then V3 and loop around again. The idea is that new players and every-day players can experience a different part of the server and its time period each new day. Because even if you travel to another V spawn, there’s likely not to be 75% of players in that spawn and that really changes the whole experience.

All Staff are called-in to Help during down-time.

Edit: Not sure when it will commence, because I need a low-player count to do so.

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Nice, this sounds great!

Awesome Rofl! Hopefully it doesn’t start too late or Connor will be sad. xD

I helped him to, homes.

Rofl this sounds like a really mean suggestion but maybe you could just kick a few people off the server so that the player count isn’t that much? And then after start the blah blah thing? XD

Why would we kick people from the server for no reason?

to make the new world you could say sorry we now have to stop the server for a few hours to add in the new world
<----i got this guy level 100

Okay… well just kicking them is a terrible idea. More people will just keep coming. If we were to make a new world, we’d do it on a separate server. And if we didn’t we’d turn on a white list so random people couldn’t join.

ah k plus instead of kicking them all slowly and more join crash the server or down it

That’s totally unrelated. I’d delete it but actually you need yo be way more active than you are, you need to apply for the helper position first, and you need to not make these comments.

Wow, this is great, but it sucks sooo bad too!! The reason I say that is because I was almost finished with the most ultimate name (above Legoman’s) And it was going to have all sorts of traps, etc, etc!!! A new world does sound very nice though…I hope the time to start building isn’t when I’m a Yellow Stone!!! I’m leaving for it in 2 days and will be staying for about a week! :slight_smile:

when I said I’m a Yellow Stone… I meant when I’m AT Yellow Stone

Ultimate V4 is already out. The only thing that would wipe the world is the reset cycles that happen after too much clutter exists.

cool… and by the way how is the clan thing working out? I thought it was a great idea!

During around 11:00 o clock there usually isn’t very many people I know that cause I was the only crew member on the server, and there wasn’t anybody except members on the server at that time so you guys could do the v4 thing then?