Tru3thful’s Moderator Application

Q1 - What is your in-game account name?

My in - game account name is Tru3thful, formerly “[AK] Gunslinger”.

Q2 - What is your timezone?

Pacific Daylight Time, or GMT -7.

Q3 - How often are you actively playing on the server?

As of current, I play on the server at least decently often, usually if I don’t really know what I want to play on that day. However, now that I’ve graduated, I do have more potential time to play on the server, but I also have been getting back into games that are best played in longer sessions since I have that luxury now; to name a few, Destiny 2, as well as the fact that in the near future, I want to return to at least somewhat actively playing Trove.

TL ; DR Currently, I am a fairly active player on the server, but I might be moving away from that now that I have more free time available.

Q4 - Which dimension do you play on the most?

As of current, I think that most of my playtime is spent fairly evenly between PvP and Zombies, with the occasional week where I play for a Survival reset (of which I have played twice now). However, if I had to name one of the two where I spent more playtime on currently, I would lean towards PvP, since I have more to learn and master there, in addition to the fact that I originally wanted to play it so that I could have a mode on the server I could play, be skilled at, and still have access to participation in the main server chat, since each Zombies lobby has isolated chat as of current. Phase isn’t much of an option for me because Chrome really likes to eat my already limited CPU.

Q5 - Have you read the rules?

Yes, I have read the rules. I cannot name all of them off the top of my head, though.

Q6 - What is your expectation of being in the role of Moderator?

In the role of Moderator, I expect that I as a player am supposed to be responding to reports, being watchful in both chat and game whenever I am online on the server, and to provide help to other players on the server when they ask for it, including but not limited to: explaining server mechanics, how to use specific commands, and why some rules/restrictions are in place.

Q7 - What is the minimum number of months you expect to be in the role of Moderator?

If this application is accepted, I expect to fulfill the role of a Moderator for at least 6 months. As I move on to other things including college, I don’t know how active I’ll be, but I will certainly try my best to fulfill the responsibilities of a Moderator on Dark Gaming whenever possible. However, I might not be nearly as active in - game near the beginning of July because my parents and I had been planning a road trip across the U.S. so we can visit my grandparents on my paternal side as a whole family, something we haven’t done since we adopted our pet cat. The current plan is to make the trip at the beginning of July, so I will not be online for at the very least several days during that period. Furthermore, the computer I use to play currently is not my own, it is my father’s which he generously lets me use because he doesn’t use it for much of anything. I don’t know the password to it, so if the computer I use is completely shut off, I cannot log on at a moment’s notice.

Q8 - Do you have any programming experience?

I made a few half - hearted attempts to get into programming as an elective class, but I just wasn’t very good at it. Just because of that, I would call my programming experience as “none.”

Q9 - Do you understand how to report players?

Yes. As of current, all of my player reports with one exception have been in the #player-reports channel in the Dark Gaming Discord, and I do my best to follow the format for a player report listed in that channel’s description.

Q10 - Have you made any player reports before?

Yes. Refer to Q9.

Q11 - Are you in our Discord Server, if so what is your Discord NAME#ID?


Q12 - Do you want your application to be published to #moderator-applications?