[1] Members name.

[2] Report: what rule(s) they broke (quote them).
Racism, discrimination and hate speech are not tolerated in the chat. Any person violating this rule in the chat (or otherwise) will be banned.

[3] Did this affect anyone (e.g. they were using their hacks in PvP)?

[4] Evidence. (If this includes chat, Phase link one or more messages)

[5] Dimension: (if this is a server report).
gamemodes dimension

[6] Roughly, the time (in UTC) the offence was made. (if this is a
server report)

03:11:27 UTC


you reported me for not finishing my sentence, i was gonna say “nvm your body your choice” but ok.


My bad for not reading rules properly, i didnt know it was against rules, fair ban you can ban me, but you could’ve atleast read the thing i said afterwards. “your body your choice.”



Here’s my perspective of the conversation that I saw from around the time it originally happened.

It started as just talk about colors through trading system stuff where Smitee made a joke about chat being “gay” as a result. From that pontaoski made an offhand comment about being a heterosexual/straight, trans woman, instead of being gay:

Following that, Smitee seemed confused on the difference between gender and sexuality so they asked about it, but didn’t ask it very well:


So, for you, Smitee, if you aren’t transphobic, then you really need to pick your words more carefully.


It’s okay not to know, we all learn and discover things eventually. But the way you explained(?) it was, for lack of a better (cleaner) term, absolutely fucking horrid. Saying “u should not be trans” to a trans person absolutely comes across as being transphobic since it’s denying their identity, saying they should be put into a box that just isn’t for them. Adding on “eh, never mind, it’s not my problem” afterwards comes off as deflecting away from it, just trying to throw out something for damage control. Be more mindful in the future. This is your only warning on that.