Trading System Updates

The new TS update is currently in progress. This update adds the following:
[li]You can now see your XP, DP, UpPoints, Credits and Level in-game[/li]
[li]The values you see will update every time something happens. Kill a mob, XP updates, and live syncs with the web page[/li]
[li]Leveling up now broadcasts to everyone that you leveled up. So you can share the joy with others.[/li]
[li]XP Efficiency was removed. It may or may not be added later.[/li]
[li]Differences between Crew and MemberTrader in terms of XP Gain and DP cuts have been removed[/li]

However, there will be more updates coming soon. The initial Factions release (ability to choose a faction and reset as well as view the backstory of both) will be released along with another big update.

The changes will be something like what follows:
[li]XP requirements for levels will be checked and changed if necessary[/li]
[li]The inventory page will show you the new items you got, as well as any new features you have access to[/li]
[li]A tutorial will be added for people who have just joined the TS, to explain how things work[/li]
[li]Donations and Credits will be changed. Voting will no longer reward Credits, but something else that’s new.[/li]
[li]Extended Features will exist. Upon reaching Level 100, you can reset all of your DP, XP, Level, Inventory, Upgrades (not Credits and not Items obtained via Credits either). EF brings you Item Combo’s, Cauldron and EFC Slots! You will also get a different level tag, that uses { } instead of ( ) and has a color of your choice.[/li]
[li]EF doubles the requirements for non-EF features, making it harder to progress, but with new rewards[/li]