Trading System Update

There have been some tweaks to the system recently.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Vote Loot boxes are now properly given out when a player has no slots
  • Voting now works again
  • Crew Steam auth now fixed
  • Efficiency upkeep cost fixed to be 3x less than it has been


  • Vote rewards now include 0.05 Credits for everyone
  • Earning DP is now 4x slower
  • DP costs for efficiency/efficiency upkeep are now 5x less
  • More DP added to pool
  • Default set is no longer Peasant/Black, it has been changed to be the same as non-trading members, Member/Blue hopefully this means that being a part of the trading system is no longer an issue for people who don’t spend much time using it

A few more things are to be fixed/updated so that there’s nothing half-done. Then we’ll be looking into extending the features available. With less upkeep costs you should now be able to keep 100% efficiency and most of your DP.