Trading System - The Inactivity Update

Changes to Inactivity
Following from the changes on May 9th, a penalty has been introduced for inactive accounts. This however, can penalise people who are active, but not participating properly; when your Experience Efficiency Bar reaches 0%, there are two penalties that occur: The first is that you can no longer gain Experience. This is not such a big problem as you can still restore items, buy upgrades, buy items from the shop and other people, as well as gain DP as usual. However, the second penalty adds to the first in that instead of reducing your Experience Efficiency, it will start taking away DP. For people who are inactive, Experience Efficiency reaching 0% is inevitable, and so after they are inactive for the period of time it takes to get to 0%, they will start losing their DP to the System Bank, which is distributed among the activities explained in the May 9th update.

The future
Further, with this update, losing DP forever to inactive accounts will no longer be an issue. Moving forward, more additions will be made to both DP inflows and outflows, making it both easier to gain DP as well as giving you more options to what you spend it on. In the near future, changes will also be made to Item Lifetime’s so that they only decrease while you are in-game; this update will also heavily reduce the Item Lifetime per item to get rid of the current existing padding added to cover offline play. Other big things still planned are Quests and the Market. However, in the meantime, the current system will be evaluated for which of these changes are needed the most.

For anyone who missed the posting in General Chat
Trading System Update - Stage 2

Experience Efficiency is officially in and running. Over time, your experience efficiency will reduce until it reaches 0. The efficiency affects how much experience you gain, with a total of (experience gain) * (efficiency). This means if your efficiency is at 50%, you will gain half has a much experience as you normally would.

Refilling your experience efficiency is easy, just hover over your efficiency bar and enter the amount of % you want to refill. If your entered amount would cause you to go over 100%, the system will correct the value and not over charge you.

Restoration has been updated to allow you to use items as well as DP. Just open the restoration form by right-clicking an item and selecting it. Then simply click on any items you want to sacrifice and they will disappear, adding life to your item. Please note currently the life displayed does not automatically update and will require you to click on the inventory tab again or refresh to see the updated value. Using this method, you can extend your item’s life beyond its starting maximum. For example, the starting life of an R3 is 16 hours, but this one has been extending beyond that:

Not really fair for me - I am active, yet I can’t play Terraria…

So do you haft to worry about the XP thing then???

If you cannot contribute to the system Unikram, then it is fair you are not allowed to use it properly. An economy does not work if you do not participate.

So I was inactive for 3 days to catch up with other games and I’m already at 0%? Seriously Rofle, you usually have good ideas but this is a new low.

One question what if u dont have the DP 0.0

R4zorvenom48, you were inactive. It takes one click to refill your efficiency. Blaming me for you inactivity is a new low.

Aj if you have no DP you won’t lose anything more. The point is to ensure currency in players accounts is able to be used.

Im fine with doing that for inactive players, I thought inactive meant like a few weeks, not 3 days. And why are you calling me my forum name? I’m Raz

If you didn’t see me on Phase, in-game or anywhere for 3 days, I bet you would think I have been “inactive”. Inactive means you are not participating. 3 days is a long time, a lot of levels can be gained, quests completed, items added, trades made and features updated. You drop down to 0%, lose all your DP. It’s not big deal because the system is made to make it easy to get DP for you to spend. I had 50% Efficiency and no DP, now I have 100% and 8kDP. It took me one zombie game to get there. Your account is drained to let others use your DP. I don’t see how this setup is unfair.

Ok, I will try to be on 24 hours a day from now on. Sorry for taking a short break of 3 days to catch up with other games and family issues, I apologize for not farming bosses and mobs on DG instead. 3 days is barely any time, Vic cant play on weekdays but I still see him on weekends, I don’t think he is an inactive member. You should really take players lives into this, you can’t possibly expect every DTP member to be on every day and farm enemies. I would say 2 weeks is inactive, people could be busy.

You really are not reading what I am saying are you? I had 50% and 0 DP, in one zombie game I got 100% and 8kDP. One game, which didn’t even take that long. And no, your definition of inactive is incorrect. There is no period of time that suddenly ticks over and someone is “inactive”. Inactive is when they stop participating. I will not respond to your queries on this subject further because you clearly are both not listening to what I am saying and are being pathetic in your responses using hyperbole’s when they are absolutely unnecessary. When you read what I say properly, and you understand you will see why this is not only not a problem, but it is one of the best updates that ever happened to people who cannot be on everyday.

Sorry, I didn’t fully understand the system, I thought you couldn’t level up if you were inactive. Sorry for lashing out at ya

If I could make a suggestion? Maybe increase the amount of DP you get from everything in general, I played 1 zombies game up to round 12 and got 300 DP. And it’s 200 DP for 1 efficiency. It’s really hard to do as I have played around 6 games of zombies now and only got 412 DP. My Efficiency bar is running out faster than I can refill it, it’s pretty frustrating.

Great… I have exams starting tomorrow, and they’ll last two weeks… claps. 10/10

The amount you get is limited by the amount it can give. It’s possible you are being given scraps (small amounts that were taken from inactive accounts) and that the Zombies Account is close to empty.

Balance Update
Efficiency drop rate now gets set to 0 when the users DP is equal to 0. This does not conflict with the aim, which is to keep active DP as a high as possible. This enables the possibility for users to refill their efficiency and reduce their DP balance to 0, to allow them to keep 100% efficiency while they are inactive, so that when they return, they can simply go on from where they left off.

This is probably as far as I can go in terms of reducing penalties for inactive users without compromising the economy.

Conversely, efficiency drop rate is increased when the users DP is >= 20,000 (the actual value will eventually be dynamic) in order to prevent people from stockpiling and having a monopoly on a large amount of DP, limiting other users.