Trading System Mini Update

Some of these happened over a week ago.


  • Removed pages that are essentially unusable
  • Added DP cost labels to upgrades
  • Changed XP Efficiency so that you can now go over 100%, incurring a higher efficiency upkeep
  • Changed efficiency upkeep cost again
  • Fixed issues that caused the total DP to fall
  • DP in Rotation is now 200,000 DP
  • Explore page changed to show Total Users DP (properly), DP in Rotation and the DP banks for each PvE, PvP and Zombies
  • Fixed efficiency bar and lifetime of cmd items being bigger than they should be
  • Added a 10,000 DP cap, after which you cannot earn DP from the system banks
  • Raised upkeep increase boundary from 20k to 45k, the upkeep before 45k is now constant

A bigger update is planned for the future, so most of these economy changes are just temporary measures.


  • Added an extreme penalty to users who have 0% efficiency but > 1000 DP. The point of this change is to attempt to ensure users who gain DP but are not currently using the system don’t take away DP for those that do.