Trading System - Balance Update

This post is both a warning and an update.

The shop has been updated to once again have a proper DP Balance. However this time it is only increased/decreased directly by players buying/selling items. This means if everyone is just selling, the shop will reach 0 DP and no one will be able to sell; someone must then buy items from the shop in order for anyone to be able to sell to it again.

Furthermore, this changes the dynamic of DP in the system quite severely and will only have the proper effect if people have the correct quantity of DP within the proper limitations. Therefore, everyone will have their DP reduced by up to 90% in about a weeks time Saturday 21st! This is to put the DP ranges back on track and to tie in with the changes to the shop. If you want to lose less DP, it is recommended that you convert it into items before the change occurs.

Moreover, once both changes have been set in motion, a few more updates will be put in to correct a few problems that come with them.

What if there isnt anything you want to buy in the shop? Would it then be just that people with high amounts of DP just lose it all?

The shop resets its stock quite frequently. It also does it when you sell it enough items to overstock it.

Edit: Boosted minimum rarity of the Shop and the size of its inventory

Speeding up process. DP Reduction comes today (Saturday, 21st). Over 10 new special items arriving next weekend.

Id just like to clarify one thing, the DP reduction goes up to at most 99.99%. From 5.4m to 10.5k was my balance.

Some of it was converted to items because your DP would have still fallen out of the range.