T.P. Estates


This topic is about selling houses that you can order from me, custom built.

How the process will go?
Just like usual buying - You order a house, I deliver according to the requested order.

Prices are negotiate-able according the following features -

  • Size - As the house is larger, the price goes higher.
  • Time of Delivery - Ordering / Requesting a house for a closer date is more expensive.
    (A house within a week will be less expansive than a house on the same size within 2 days)
  • Quality / Detail - As there are more additions on the house
    (Wiring / Special shaped walls - Like my houses, for example, higher level of detail etc.).

Where to order? -

  • PM via Steam.
  • PM via site.
  • In-game chat / Phase system.
  • On this topic.

Form -
House size (Blocks, no. of each room - any room that you would like to have)
Location (Can be provided by GPS) and/or biome.
Materials to use - Furniture, blocks, walls etc.
Special Features - Sky island, ship, wiring, addition of your IGN to the house etc.
Price Range (DP)

A work for example -
My very own house, located at 1459 blocks to the east and 266 above, in the snow biome.

Can you give example prices?

A small example is the party room for Death dealer, made within a day (Didn’t have anything better to do),
for a price tag of 1.3k DP.

What about something of the size & detail level of your mansion (without underground)?

What about it?
The house is just to represent what I do.

But how much one would have to pay for it? :stuck_out_tongue:

My house isn’t up for sell.

The question was about an estimated price of the house -
It’s by the area of 11k DP, depends on how fast I make it (Higher price) and such.