Toxicity is a thing

So yeah, interesting things happened in survival today, as always, it gets very buggy but that’s not the issue, so here’s the story:

We battled ks today in survival, its a win!(woohoo) when most were flexing their stuff to others and everyone in joy, as i was equipping my stuff, my loot dropped(and money), and someone STOLE them saying that its theirs, so i decided to talk about it until this dude said I was just looking for attention and everything shouldn’t be about me, I was literally just talking about what happened and he decided to say that, (he was also looking for attention last reset by making sexually offensive jokes), we started to argue a little until someone else said I should mind my own business and leave him alone, so i did in order to have a steady reputation, but after that…

The other guy started talking mocking me again me again, and when I talked back, the same person who told me to leave him alone said this(i got no screenshot that exact moment) “Just shut up and leave you stupid, you are new to the community and you are already so toxic, you don’t have a place here and you will never have one”, after that message, I never plan on going to that part of the server ever again.

The person who I argued with was also fairly new, while the other who told me to shut up was quite well-known, I don’t wanna say their names because I don’t want the fight to reach this place.

Just putting this here to tell you why I hate survival in the server.


If this happens, and you are completely sure someone took your loot in addition to their own, you should be able to report them.

I won’t say their name either, but I know this person, Durtle has already warned them for being toxic…

You can report people for toxicity like this too. Keep in mind that the server is not all kids; people often make toxic/mildly offensive “jokes”. In this case, it would be fine for you to report him though; I’m just saying if you’re going to do this don’t go overboard.


There isn’t any shame in reporting the player in question for toxicity given the incident described. Most if not all game chat is accessible through the use of Phase, a website that you can use to access in - game chat without needing to be in the game, which you could use to file a report through taking screenshots.


One of the two people have been warned again. I’m not sure who is this “second” person you’re referring to but like what Truthful said, don’t hesitate to report them.

Especially the sexually offensive jokes, that’s more severe than toxicity


The only reason I didn’t report is I don’t have any screenshot or recording of it happening. But I’m glad to know some people believe me, thank you for all the advice