Tips how to create a good vanity (WIP)


These are general tips to help you create unique and distinguishable vanity for your loadouts. Having a vanity provides important visual personality and identity. This means that you will stand out to others. This guide aims to help express yourself as well as it could!


Post your vanities or seek inspiration in this thread: Terraria Vanity Megathread

Character defaults

  • It usually stands out more if you use all 3 vanity armor slots for different pieces of equipment, or use one or two pieces of familiar clothing if it complements the rest of the vanity.
  • Use the drawer to change the skin color and eye color of your character.
  • Use the gender potion to change the gender of your character.
  • Use the stylist to style the hair of your character.



  • Utilizing dyes to add color to otherwise dull pieces of armor can allow the vanity to stand out and follow an appealing color scheme

  • The hue of the color is described in the HSV color scheme. In one color scheme the hues differ usually to at most +/-30° from the main color. Red has the hue of 0°, orange of 30°, … in 30° increments until pink is 330° and the cycle repeats with red.

  • Most armor pieces are affected differently to dyes, being more dull or vibrant when paired with the standard 12 dyes. Try compound dyes (Black and X, Silver and X), light dyes and strange dyes.

Color Schemes

  • A consistent color scheme on a vanity can create a much more identifiable and pleasing character.
    Color schemes can follow a single or multiple colors.

However, making a distinguishable and appealing vanity based on a single color is more difficult.
Make sure the body parts can be distinguished without meshing together into a glob of color, and that the color picked isn’t too bright or complex, such as the wisp or living rainbow dye.


  • Use a color wheel and color theory to decide upon a color scheme. A color wheel can help point out secondary and tertiary colors that complement the main color.
    You don’t have to use a color wheel! Temperature, gradients, or whatever looks aesthetically pleasing to you can all work.

  • Secondary or tertiary colors can be used as small accents to the main body with the use of accessories.

  • Colors are attributed to feelings and emotions, as well as elements. An electric-themed or energetic character can best be inferred if the colors support those characteristics.



Helmet slot

There are head pieces which cover the default head completely and those which cover the head only partly, allowing for hair or the obsidian skull accessory (and its upgrades) to appear alongside it.

Head pieces covering whole head

  • Most armor “helmets” and “masks”
  • Boss masks

Head pieces covering head only partially

  • Goggles/Glasses (Goggles, Dark Goggles, 0x33’s Aviators, FPV Goggles, Steampunk Goggles, Honey Goggles, HiTek Sunglasses)
  • Hats (e. g. Cowboy hat, Cobalt hat, Fez, SWAT helmet, …)

Chestplate slot

The chestplate slot is a key component of any vanity. Lategame armors tend to look bulkier, which can give a character a muscular or medieval look. Experiment with dyes to see how chestplates can utilize multiple colors at once, or represent the physique of your character.


Dresses block most or all of the leg slot (meaning that legs can’t be utilized.) If you want to add more focus to the chestplate slot and hide the boots then you can equip dresses such as the Princess and Victorian goth dress.

Leg piece slot

The leg slot rounds up your character’s look. Most leg slot items keep the form of the standard character’s legs, however there are some exceptions like Mermaid and Lamia leg piece. These block off the two legs and make it look like the legs are conjoined. Djinn’s curse creates an animated flame effect and Silly Sunflower Bottom give the legs a slimmer look.
Apart from armor, the Frog Leg can be used to replace the leg slot with a pair of bug-like appendages.
Legs cannot be utilized if you are wearing a dress.



Tip: Hiding wings while airborne


Using Yoraiz0r’s spell on a vanity accessory slot dyed Phase, Twilight or Living Flame dye hides your wings even while flying.
Yoraiz0r’s spell has an eye effect which can be cancelled by placing it on the first vanity accessory slot.
Shields will make your character have a shield.


I would appreciate any help and any contribution towards this project since this project is a work-in-progress.


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