This guy's a NUT job

Hi, my name’s Nutun
I get made fun of a lot because of my name
If someone makes fun of me I become sad
Then I lash out and insult them and track them down and kill them (or maybe just the opposite)

I came here just a few months ago and until now haven’t gotten really involved with the community. I’m really having fun with the PvP, trading system, and zombies. I also enjoy building random boxes for me to live in. Many longtime SR players know me as well (examples: Flamelit, AgentPeeman, fish_z).

Unrelated question:
Does anyone know what happened to everyone’s builds? I went on and most of the builds were gone, my house included (and that’s a real shame because I spent about 5 hours on it and it still looked bad). Someone please save my wooden box.

Hope I enjoy my time here (and also hope you save my wooden box),

The machine crashed. However, the history is still intact so you can, if the area is unedited, get it put back (if you were the only one to work on it).

How would I get it put back though? Am I supposed to build it again?

Popstarfreas, AKA Rofle, can bring back your house via commands (Admin commands). Just tell him the location of it and he’ll bring the house back.
Also, have a proper Welcome to our community from me, Nutun! :slight_smile:

Thank you
Rofl already restored my build :smiley:

Welcome to DG, Nutun!

Thank you, it’s nice to be here!