There seem to be quite a lot of these...

Salutations everyone.
As you all know, I’m not a chit-chat person. I’ll cut to the chase.

Some of you may know about certian things that have transpired in my life right now but, for those that don’t, I had a gun to my head the other day. My life was falling apart around me, and one of the three things that prevented me from pulling the trigger was the memory of my friends here at DG. I feel that I need some time away to relax and experience the world while I’m still young, so I’ve decided to go on a school trip.

I will be gone from the 22 of April (tomorrow at the time of writing this) until the 28 of April.

I’d like to ask the admins to await my return before putting my helper app into testing.

side note
Ironically, this is the second time I’ve had to leave with an in-progress helper app…

Well, have fun on your school trip. Make sure to come back to us in tip top shape, will ya?
Also, just going to say, pulling the trigger wasn’t an option to begin with, so don’t consider it.

Thanks Blanc, I’ll come back tip top as can be!
Pulling the trigger was an option, but there were things that stopped me. I don’t know if they’ll have the same effect in future but hopefully this trip will cheer me up

I’m hyped already

Leon, you already know what I would do if you pulled that trigger, but nevertheless, have fun on your trip and don’t get eaten by a snake or bear, I don’t live where you live so I don’t have a lot of knowledge on the species in the area, but have fun!

also, don’t die

Again, pulling the trigger is NEVER an option. Life isn’t something you can give up on just because you had a shitty day. Remember that. You only get one chance at life, so use it well.

Have a good time Leo!

Have fun with yer trip.

I have never been good with helping people, and I hate that. Damn my logic-based head.
Pulling the trigger would be a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You don’t get a 2nd chance at life. So don’t take it for something that will be resolved later.

Anyways. Hopefully I will have AAFT a bit more fleshed out by the time you get back, that way you can actually work on SL without needing me as a reference for auric crap that isnt explained xD