The UI for trading?

Ive seen a lot of people Trading here and selling items for credits, im assuming for Survival. Just one question, how do you get to the user interface shown like here? (Big Russ’ inventory screenshot as an example) (click on link to see image, since i cant embed them in)

It seems really convenient. Is it on a website? If so can anyone link it?


It is on the dark gaming trading system
(Idk if link will work it should take you to this login page where you enter your character name and password from registering)


Checked link, it works
Also to use it you have to be a member on the actual server, and to do this go /regester and enter your username and password (it has instructions on how to do this after /regester).
This is a more indepth explanation of what to do.


stuff in dtp is used everywhere:
Titles, tags, vanities and colors are available in all dimensions
Most specials used in build and survival


In order to onebox the image link, put the link by iteself. is the link


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