The "Glass Castle incident"

A great start leading to a even greater loss… As some say failure only comes when success drives through the veins of hardwork, this time it lead to this particular incident, you see it all started in the map “Glass Castle” where my recent friend Vishal, and I, with a few others, were having a good start plundering points, upgrading fancy equipment and killing hordes of bloodthirsty creatures ofsorts, when tragedy struck… As we finnished the last batch of mobs we find it quite odd that the wave still isn’t finnish. You see we were at a decent wave where the armored zombies spawned aplenty, we killed most of them but we shuffled by the unexpected event that occured… The wave has not finnish since there were armed zombies that somehow glitched through the floor in the right side of the map… We discussed how we can solve this problem, as you know there is only one weapon available in the map that can shoot through walls and that was the “Death sickle”. Now getting the death sickle isnt easy since I was new from the map I didn’t know how much it would cost to buy such a weapon, but my dear friend Vishal had a hefty amount of pts that he accumulated in the run, but alas! Not enough so we as a group discussed what to do, I suggested that we give our remaining pts to Vishal so that he can buy the sickle, but even though we had given all our pts we still haven’t have enough to grab the weapon. As a last resort a friend suggested that we all die so that we can pick a new map. Now dying isnt easy in this map since you only have a limited space, but I had an Idea. I suggested that we all divide our pts to buy hooks and climbed the top of the castle and then fall to our deaths, its an easy yet very creative way to end this grueling event. As my friend Vishal divided the shared pts to each member we started climbing the walls that leads to our demise. And as we end it I had to log off to tell you this Glitched event that we had encountered…

Woooowiee this was a long one hahahaha sorry if its too long for a simple problem to be explaned. I wanted it to be interesting to the reader so I have turned it into a story, though it was late sinced i posted this I hope that you enjoyed and hoping that the Admins might see this and resolve the situation. I think it was only a glitch because of the lag, and i took a screenshot of it (shouldve took a video). Hoping that all of us won’t encounter such things as our admins try fix it, but if we do especially I -will make a story about it and post it here hahaha lets call this a incident that has been a legend. So thats all Sirs and Dames Hoping you have a wonderful day - KeiGu


Sorry I dont know how to paste a picture my phone wont let me but if I do find a way. I’ll do it then


Um its supposed to be in bug report format, switched its title and place because that’s where its supposed to be
zombies can glitch through walls sometimes if you’re laggy. Not sure if that’s fixable or not though.


Now… As much as I agree with bugs needing to be in the bug report format, I also find the way that this report is phrased to be great. Here are some star moments.

Calling this a “Tragedy” is simply amazing.

Just… Wow…

That being said though, I must criticize your writing style a tad bit:

  1. Finish is spelled with one n, not 2. Unless you’re talking about something from Finland.

  2. You used too many ellipses ("…"), which causes the entire thing to flow a bit weirdly.

  3. It’s all one paragraph, but it could have been split into at least 4 paragraphs.

  4. You capitalize words that you shouldn’t capitalize. See the last “Glitched” as an example.

  5. Sometimes, you start referring to something without changing the sentence. An example is: “We discussed how we can solve this problem, as you know there is only one weapon available in the map that can shoot through walls and that was the “Death sickle”.” (Trulei). The entire sentence flows a bit weirdly, because you should have ended the sentence before talking about the Death Sickle.


Thank you! Im still learning allot in writing English and your reply will help me allot. Thank you!


Thank you great Sir in making the effort of changing the post to where it should have been, I’m sorry for I am new to the forums and is still learning in all places. Hoping that you will still help me!


yes sir


wait you mean like literally it went into the floor?


Not really, they didn’t phrase it as a bug report nor is it in the correct format


but they said it was a bug report…