The Giveaway - Trading System

The 20th Jan is my Birthday. And because it’s fun for reasons unknown, I’m going to be giving a few presents away on the Trading System. Unfortunately I cannot give away something like a game because Dark Gaming is more of a Social Enterprise and thus our finance is used to keep the business alive and to grow it. Oh well… onto the prize pool.

[Prize Pool]
Key: (x) = giveaway count; (1) = only one will be given away


  • /sb (1)
  • /invade (2)
  • /permabuff (2)


  • Random (5) [R5+]
  • God (1) [R10]
  • Legendary (1) [R10]
  • Emperor (2) [R9]
  • Custom (3) [R11 or lower]


  • the Master (2) [R9]
  • the Supreme (2) [R9]
  • the Masterful (1) [R10]
  • Custom (2) [R11 or lower]


  • Reds (3)
  • Oranges (3)
    - Lemons

These will be given away if above items are gone

The items will be given away in random challenges. Such as duels, mazes, easter egg hunts and other fun & games.

How do I get these items?
Play the game and hope that I am online to present a challenge.

… I wanted a lemon…

Rofle I just spent a whole hour madly typing and abusing the mod commands in order to protect your server from breaking down into tiny pieces due to griefers, I set homes over spawn to protect it, rolled back like 20 people, 15 times each, banned 2 or 3 people, kicked many people who were freaking out, muted dozens, and ultimately brought the server back into a cooled down state after the whole unprotected chaos was over. If that isn’t worthy of /sb I don’t know what is.

Happy birthday Rofle! :smiley:

Sandwich, it sounds like my daily job :smiley:
Happy B-Day Rofle!
Anyway, I don’t really like lemons, any mint or apples? (that sometimes come in yellow)

Pun, the plugins for protections stopped working. So people, EVERYBODY, was able to grief ANYTHING. Including the spawn. This was /not/ your daily job. XD

Is it fixed now? I imagine all of the regions suddenly disappeared again.

Edit: Oh I see you used house regions. Well I’ll have to fix the regions table and restart the server.

Aye, we fixed all we could find and Sandwich set up house regions to protect it until you could fix it permanently.

Of all the days to not be home lol. Either way, happy b day rofle!

Happy Birthday Rofl :slight_smile: 3rd time i’v said that to you now XD

It was your bday? I didn’t know,well happy late birthday anyways C: The challenges were very fun,hopefully I’ll see more of them in the future C:

Happy belated b-day

Happy belated BDay Rofl :slight_smile: