The Giveaway - Trading System

The 20th Jan is my Birthday. And because it’s fun for reasons unknown, I’m going to be giving a few presents away on the Trading System. Unfortunately I cannot give away something like a game because Dark Gaming is more of a Social Enterprise and thus our finance is used to keep the business alive and to grow it. Oh well… onto the prize pool.

[Prize Pool]
Key: (x) = giveaway count; (1) = only one will be given away


  • /sb (1)
  • /invade (2)
  • /permabuff (2)


  • Random (5) [R5+]
  • God (1) [R10]
  • Legendary (1) [R10]
  • Emperor (2) [R9]
  • Custom (3) [R11 or lower]


  • the Master (2) [R9]
  • the Supreme (2) [R9]
  • the Masterful (1) [R10]
  • Custom (2) [R11 or lower]


  • Reds (3)
  • Oranges (3)
    - Lemons

These will be given away if above items are gone

The items will be given away in random challenges. Such as duels, mazes, easter egg hunts and other fun & games.

How do I get these items?
Play the game and hope that I am online to present a challenge.


… I wanted a lemon…

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Rofle I just spent a whole hour madly typing and abusing the mod commands in order to protect your server from breaking down into tiny pieces due to griefers, I set homes over spawn to protect it, rolled back like 20 people, 15 times each, banned 2 or 3 people, kicked many people who were freaking out, muted dozens, and ultimately brought the server back into a cooled down state after the whole unprotected chaos was over. If that isn’t worthy of /sb I don’t know what is.

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Happy birthday Rofle! :smiley:

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Sandwich, it sounds like my daily job :smiley:
Happy B-Day Rofle!
Anyway, I don’t really like lemons, any mint or apples? (that sometimes come in yellow)

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Pun, the plugins for protections stopped working. So people, EVERYBODY, was able to grief ANYTHING. Including the spawn. This was /not/ your daily job. XD

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Is it fixed now? I imagine all of the regions suddenly disappeared again.

Edit: Oh I see you used house regions. Well I’ll have to fix the regions table and restart the server.

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Aye, we fixed all we could find and Sandwich set up house regions to protect it until you could fix it permanently.

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Of all the days to not be home lol. Either way, happy b day rofle!

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Happy Birthday Rofl :slight_smile: 3rd time i’v said that to you now XD

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It was your bday? I didn’t know,well happy late birthday anyways C: The challenges were very fun,hopefully I’ll see more of them in the future C:

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Happy belated b-day

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Happy belated BDay Rofl :slight_smile:

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