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Warning! Mentions religion and those affilating with said religion, if you do not want to see such things, click away from this topic…

I do realize this could technically violate S1#6, but I can’t really explain why I can’t play without mentioning religion, as it’s kinda the core of the conflict.

have fun listening to me rant

You sure?

Sooo… once upon like June 21st of 2022, I left to go to a campout with my cousins and my grandparents in North Carolina. This was a way to spend time with my grandpa before he passed away (he had been fighting a battle with cancer for a few years now, and he sadly lost the battle in August). Anywho, we get there, it’s fun and all, and then we’re sleeping in the same room and all, and yknow that one religion that inhabits 90% of Utah? Well, plot twist, my whole family is part of it. Except me (kinda). I do not believe in any way shape or form this certain Utah religion, but I’ve been hiding it quite expertly for about 5 years at this point. I got comfortable with my cousins, I thought I could find a kindred spirit or at least some sympathy from them, and I told them about my feelings about this specific religion (if you still have no idea, it starts with an M and is one letter away from ‘Moron’). Now, one of my cousins reacted badly to this. Like, REEEEEALLY badly. The next day, we got into a falling-out about LGBTQ rights (im sure you know which side I was on), and we didn’t really speak to each other. Of course, the cousin ratted me out, and next thing I know, I’m on the phone with my parents, they’re in tears because I’m ‘making a terrible choice’ and ‘straying from the covenant path’ and ‘preaching for S*tan (idk if this breaks S1#6, so I’ll censor it)’. I’m in tears too, mainly because I expected absolutely none of this to happen, and because I basically knew at this point something bad was going to happen soon. This situation could go any number of directions, and being the typical moron I was, I decided to try to persuade them that indeed, I was correct for doubting. I looked to my associates in the exmo reddit for help, and my parents found out, and… Of course, you probably know what happened from there… I got back, my parents took my ipad, told me it would be gone for a ‘very, very long time, perhaps even permanantly’, and lacking a device to contact you guys, I was disconnected from the server for a few months. Since, I’ve apologized (for the use of social media, not the doubts), they’ve tried to reconvert me, I’ve tried to stand up to them (with no avail), and thus, I am checkmated. Fast forward. No more religious references, hooray.

Now, about two weeks ago, my parents looked on Securly (fun thing that tracks search and download history on connected devices on a specific network, in this case my home wifi), and saw that I was contacting you guys via forums. Sure enough, i got caught up in my parents ranting about you guys could be perverts, hackers, or people trying to steal my information. I tried to say that they couldn’t possibly be more far off, because none of you guys act like that, there are strict rules, people are generally friendly, etc, but they didn’t listen. At one point, they actually said it was ‘just like reddit (lmfao)’. Then, they actually got so extreme that they demanded that you guys go to a zoom meeting at some point and show your faces just so he could see that you guys were teenagers (which is completely hypocritical, considering they are adults far above your age, making that the exact same thing for you guys that they were trying to prevent for me). Needless to say, I don’t want to do that, because then I have to show how short I am (lol), it’s incredibly awkward, and I’ll probably be the next butt of memes. Not only that, but they wouldn’t even let me continue contact, even if they verified. Being a bunch of helicopters, they would probably find even the most absurd reason to keep me away.

About the ipad, though… yeah, things aren’t looking good. I’ve overheard them numerous times talking about how ‘electronics are dangerous’ and how they’re like poison and how ‘this house will never have electronics again’ and crap.

There is hope, though! Assuming they actually do commit to the zoom concept, it would actually be funny if you guys basically started dunking on them (i would pay so much to see that happen), so they would be humiliated, and perhaps I’d be able to stay. Hope for the ipad, well… Remember how they took it away? Well, I know where it is, but they wiped the data, so at least I know where it is… I could also possibly have a civilized discussion with them on christmas or around that time, possible lay out a treaty, possibly backed by you guys…? idk

anyway, I’ve ranted enough… suggestions? Advice?


A few questions and advice:

Pretty sure it violates that rule mentioned, filled with religious reasons, click on to proceed.

Mormonism is not really Christianity. shgurr was once Mormon, then she left due to a lot of crap for her prioritizing her mental health and her issues with her feet (see her Draw my Life video), and then outright unbecame a Christian. I myself am a Christian, and I can tell you, from the horror stories and crap from it, it’s borderline a cult. When you turn 18, leave their house (they have legally 0 jurisdictions over you at that age), get a job, go to college, and find something to do away from them. If you like, you can join a different sect of Christianity, or just outright leave it. If you are 15-16, get a job, and start paying yourself for houses. If you have other family that doesn’t believe in this, ask them if you can stay there until you are ready. Judging by the way you talk, I assume you are somewhere between 15-17 years old, so start thinking about those so you can leave immediately when you turn 18.
Idk what else to say, since I have never experienced something like this, so take everything with a grain of salt.
Also, for whatever reason, denying access to the internet is against like some United Nations rules or something, idk what else to add to this so…
here is shgurr’s YT channel:


Following the guidance on the rule S1#6 and the examples given you do not seem to have violated them as you have not insulted anyone and have protected the people who might not want to see it from seeing it (as literally no one has a post i can compare this to i cannot say if it isnt breaking the rules 100% but i think you should be good)
As for the zoom meeting it depends on the time because i have school, sleep, study sessions and sports that i attend to.


I’m thirteen lol, so yeah, I’m still a few years away from leaving, but yes, that will happen


Tell them that you have a Russian friend
About zoom meeting, i can do it, like at anytime, but until November 9

  1. About the religion thing, it seems like the behavior of the religion at home seems like one of a religious sect, (i. e. super forcing religion onto persons) in your home.

  2. When in school (They cannot forbid you to go to school else you won’t get a diploma/apprenticeship), talk there to a guidance counsellor about your problems at home. This is important so that the teachers know. Mention that also your parents ban ALL electronics from phone over TV to PC thus making you unable to reach school and turn in assignments.

  1. I think your parents hate me specifically because of in pfp demon supporting peace and lgbtq+. The word Satan you did not need censor because then you’d have to say Gl*sia due to demon pfp.

  2. About the zoom meeting, they violate the basic internet rule of forcing to show face unneccessarily. If they really enforce that I only come with FFP2 mask and bandana (data safety reason).

  1. If they really hate electronics that much they should have no light, no oven, no microwave and even no toilet flush. Is there an electric fuse levers in your basement or somewhere in the apartment (these are levers that turn automatically off if a shorting is detected)? Then at 2 AM or so turn them off and say at 8 AM if electronics don’t work “You wanted no electonics, so God turned them off”. Even WC flush won’t work.
  1. About the dunking: Say them if a boiling point is reached “I’m better off at hell than with you” or “Demons follow the Human Rights of the UN better than you”
  1. They should go to DG if they don’t believe. Especially they should go to Dark Gaming - Terraria Server Rules. Maybe if you get your device back enter the rule page and reload it 50-100 times so that history is spammed.
  1. The owner of the server is about 26 I think…

not all, the reason I can contact yall is because I can use my macbook

theyve of course found ways to be restrictive with that, they see everything I do on this thing at home and i have to ask them to allow my macbook to access the internet (yeah, securly is annoying af)


“you got what you wanted lmao”


Is rofle rly 26? That would have made him 14-16 when he got the server. I thought he was like early 30s.