The Final Gambit

Or in more casual terms, The Retirement Hitlist.

So I know I made a different thread/post regarding a hitlist I had that contained players I wished to beat before I stopped with Terraria, but I encountered a few problems. The first being that a ton of the players I wished to tackle had completely stopped with terraria/terraria pvp. The second being that I put some really big names on there that even if they were still alive, I don’t know if I could tackle to begin with.
A final thing I did was I didn’t even mention what I meant when I said I wanted to beat them.
So that’s why I decided to make a new list. Just take the old list as a list of people I’d theoretically like to beat.
After this list is clear (or at least all the players still alive are clear) then I will essentially stop playing Terraria. I will still drop by most likely, and I may still PvP, but I’ll cut off most of my time in order to give myself more time for other things like School, CS:GO, GD, Smash, Youtube, Twitch, etc.

This list was created with the purpose of clearing up rumors, and getting me out of this game for good.
So, before anything, I should clarify that these are all players I wish to beat in a fair 1v1 duel on a regulated PvP server (meaning basically no ML gear aside celeb)

All the players listed are players that others have suggested to me that they are unsure of in terms of how a duel would go.
This means that if you have anyone you think could potentially beat me, or would at least give me a serious run for my money, then suggest them to me.

The List
Devi (very inactive)
Lord Goulash (extremely inactive)
Terriane (very inactive)
Auravei (very inactive)
Lord Avery
Tako (very inactive)

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Good luck with your PvPing endeavours!