The Eternal Sandbox

With TSL slowly moving into power, the next step (other than some bug fixes and tidy ups) is to start testing the building possibilities. The first live test for this will be with the Sandbox (which is majorly why I wanted it to be clear, that Sandbox and the rest of the Build Dimension are two major things, so they should be shown as two paths, which is yet to be made clear on Build). This will move the sandbox to its own sub-dimension (it will be classified as Build in chat, but it will be the Sandbox Dimension). It will be accessible (other than through commands) via first going to Build then using the appropriate Build Rift exit.

Regrowth Technology
For a long time, the only real way to regenerate or otherwise refresh the sandbox has been the pasting of a schematic. This could be automated to run every x hours, but the problem is always that it might run at the wrong time, cutting off a user who was busy prototyping something but still unfinished.

However, it is (almost) now possible to deploy another (better) way. By keeping track of areas (say 2x2) that have not been edited recently (around last 30 minutes or so), it is then possible to get the server to replace that area with the original, effectively allowing the Sandbox to regrow back into its original form. With no edits to anywhere this means the Sandbox will eventually go back to its original form. This is a fully automated process that mitigates overwriting peoples builds that are in-progress.

Of course, with the use of TSL for this (going from 15-20% CPU down to <= 1% is a huge gain for this scenario) the game’s original code is unavailable, meaning that simulation of biome movement (though possible) as well as liquids, wiring and falling blocks (all still technically possible) will not be featured. The possibility of these things will be explored for both feasibility and performance but will not be featured with the first live test.

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