The Dark Enforcers

I came up with The Dark Enforcers to help keep PVP fun and free of people that ruin said fun. First of all, there will be a certain weapon you use depending on the role you choose, so pick the style that suits you most. Secondly, There will be a chosen vanity set depending on what type you choose. Finally, You may use other weapons, but they have to be specific to your setup. This is being made to balance PVP, making it more enjoyable for new people and seem more inviting, in more ways than just killing people with high killstreaks to make it fair. This technically isn’t a clan but more of a group made to keep things fair. If you apply for one of these jobs, you must attain your job and not cause any mayhem with said job, so please take this seriously, and if you cause any stress to other players that are playing fair. Also, if you want to apply, please leave a SERIOUS response…

The roles include-

[The Reaper]- You are based around attack and attack alone, and you carry your Death Sickle with the intent of killing, you are here to kill those who have murdered 5 or more people without dying, you are the avenger of the weaker players. Accessories include- Celestial Shell, Warrior Emblem, Avenger Emblem, Destroyer Emblem, Fire Gauntlet, Mechanical Glove, Sun Stone, and Celestial Stone, all with the Menacing modifier. Buffs needed are Wrath, Rage, Sharpened, and Inferno. The armour you wear will be the Solar Flare set. Your vanity items will be The Lunatic Cultist Mask dyed black, Ancient Garments dyed black, Spectre Pants dyed black, Yoraiz0r’s Spell w/ grim dye, and Bone wings no dye.

[The Guardian]- You are a defensive protector of the weak, You carry your P-hammer for only self-defense, you are the one to protect AFKers that didn’t know about /spectate, and you protect them so they don’t get farmed by other players in PVP. Accessories include- P-Shield, Ankh Shield, Flesh Knuckles, Worm Scarf, and Celestial Stone/Shell, all with the Warding modifier. Buffs needed are Ironskin, Endurance, Regen, and Titan. The armour you wear will be the Beetle set w/ the Beetle Shell. Your vanity items will be Jim’s Breastplate dyed gold, Titanium leggings dyed gold, an Angel Halo no dye, and Angel wings no dye.

[The Hunter]- Your job is to stop certain players from specifically targeting a single player by harassing or otherwise, you carry your Sniper Rifle and aim with precision. Accessories include- Sniper Scope, Ranger Emblem, Avenger Emblem, Destroyer Emblem, Magic Quiver, Panic Necklace, Sun Stone or Celestial Stone/Shell, all with Lucky modifier. Buffs needed are Ammo Reservation, Archery, Wrath, Ammo Box, and Rage (Invisibility is optional). You will where the Bullet set of Shroomite armour. Your vanity will be HiTek Sunglasses dyed black and Ancient Cobalt Breastplate and Leggings w/ glowing mushroom dye.

[The Magnus]- You are here to make sure that everyone is playing fair, and you carry around your Sky Fracture with a belief that everyone should be treated equally, and you will enforce this as such. Accessories include- Celestial Cuffs, Charm of Myths, Mana Flower, Celestial Emblem, Nature’s Gift, Mana Regen Band, Sorcerer’s Emblem, Celestial Stone/Shell, and Megaphone. Buffs include Mana Power and Regen, Wrath, Rage, and Clairvoyant. You have the options of the Spectre or Nebula armour. Your vanity consists of the Wizard’s Hat dyed white, a robe dyed white, and a Winter Cape dyed cyan.

The following information is required to join-
[1] Your IGN (In-Game Name)
[2] Have you ever caused havoc on DG before (i.e. Hacked, Spammed Text, Griefing)
[3] Are you a member
[4] Reason you want to join
[5] Which role do you wish to have
[6] How often are you on??

Also, If you have any suggestions for other roles, leave them in the comments below. Feel free to apply, this will always be open. When a role is filled, they will be erased from the options soon afterward, to make sure that there is only one person per role and keep things fair and simple. More roles will be added soon enough, so if you have missed out on the originals, there will always be more on the way.

It is my opinion, that factions based on cooperation in PvP (excluding those that fight one another upon agreement), are never fair, and often, not fun. They just encourage teaming up against more skilled players. This is not equality, this is not fairness. How is it fair that you undermine the hard work, and skill of that player, by ganging up on him without his consent?

I slightly addressed this statement above (and below), but feel free to refer to the DGPD thread, if you’re not already convinced that this is the opposite of fair.

You are aware of what balance is, yes? In case you’re not entirely sure, let me define it for you: “a condition in which different elements are equal”. Equal is the important word here. So how does a 2v1 provide equality for all parties involved? It’s completely unfair that a more skilled player could potentially lose, just because others lack the morality to recognize the unfairness of teaming. It’s literally just a cheap method of getting kills.

If you’re going to make a PvP clan, just make it vanity/title based. There’s no need to unbalance PvP for the sake of your agenda.

This isn’t 2 v 1… each person has a different role with a different target

I am not necessarily bothered by this clan, what really bothers me is how awfully basic your “vanities” are >.>

Then why not specify this, instead of first comparing it to Vic’s clan (which was a PvP teaming clan), and then saying it was to “balance PvP”. How does continuing to PvP as it already is (free for all), create any “balance” or change at all…?

So long as you keep all of your interactions to one on ones (or two on twos. three on threes etc. if people are teaming), then I have no issue with the clan.

That’s exactly what my plan was, i was never thinking of making unfair matchups where more than one person target a single player or smaller group of players, I made this “clan” to keep things “fair” in PVP, hoping that more people would be willing to join and experience the fun of it.

[1] Your IGN (In-Game Name)
Itachi EMS
[2] Have you ever caused havoc on DG before (i.e. Hacked, Spammed Text, Griefing)
Yes!! Several bans on record I can link them if you want?` ```no
[3] Are you a member I didn’t read the thread sorry :c
No I am a crew
[4] Reason you want to join
I love ganking!
[5] Which role do you wish to have


Stop making references of my clan for god’s sake. Seriously, it is annoying and I want it to just go away. Could you delete it or something, Ave? ples

I erased that reference, and I would have done it sooner if I knew it would bother you so much Vic…