The Cobalt Clan

(Just an FYI, I am posting this on Summy’s behalf. He is the true owner of the clan. However, I did write this myself. FYI over.)

Welcome to the Cobalt Clan Forum Thread!

About Us
The Cobalt Clan is a PvP and Mob-Killing based clan. What makes us different from any other PvP clan is that we use cobalt, or cobalt-like, weapons and armor when we fight. It makes us unique. We have an underground base, that at the moment is accessible through the dungeon. We put some markers to lead you to our base. Our base is a WIP, because it is not fully finished at the moment. In the future the base will contain a hangout, staff room, PvP arena, and Mob Arena.

Member Ranks
In the clan there are member ranks. Each rank is symbolized by your vanity.

Default (Cobalt Breastplate, Leggings, and angel wings dyed sky blue): Member
Default with Cross Necklace dyed sky blue: Veteran Member (has been in the clan for at least 1 month)
Default with Cross Necklace and Steampunk Wings, both dyed sky blue: Helper
Default with Cross Necklace, Steampunk Wings, and Cobalt Shield all dyed sky blue: Moderator
Default with Cross Necklace, Steampunk Wings, Cobalt Shield, (all dyed sky blue) and some form of Cobalt headgear: Admin

As a reference, here is what an Admin (or in this case, XxCustomVanitiesxX) would wear:

And here are the current members:

Admins: Summy and XxCustomVanitiesxX
Moderators: Charia
Helpers: ~
Veteran Members: ~
Members: ~

How to Join
To join the clan, you first must fit these requirements:

You must be a member.
You must be willing to use only cobalt or cobalt-like materials when fighting.

If you fit those requirements, you may now make an application. Answer these questions in the comments. Don’t worry about typing out the whole question, but make sure you at least put the question number. If you are unable to answer these questions due to not having a forum account, please tell an admin.

1) If you have a different IG name than your forum name, what is your IG name?
2) Why do you want to join this clan?
3) Describe yourself?

If we accept your application, you shall be welcomed into the clan. If it is denied, you will be allowed to make another application in 2 weeks.

How to Become Staff
If you would like to become a helper in our clan, you must fit the following requirements.

You must be a Veteran Member in the clan.
You must be well-known in the clan, whether it be for your fighting skills or for your helpfulness.
You must be willing to stop PvPing or fighting mobs to answer questions.

Then, follow this application format.

1) Why do you wish to become helper?
2) Are you willing to sacrifice time spent fighting to answer questions?
3) Are you willing to be respectful to all people, including those who annoy you or those who you don’t like?

You cannot apply to be Moderator or Admin. If the Admins think you are doing a great job in your current position, you shall become a higher-ranking staff member.

Being Banned or Demoted
Sometimes, mistakes happen. And we know that. Maybe you accidentally pulled out your Terra Blade in PvP, or you’re an inactive staff member who forgot to tell anyone you were inactive. Instead of banning you on the spot, we have a warning system. If you receive 2 warnings as a staff member you will be demoted to Veteran Member. If you receive 3 warnings as Veteran Member or Member you will be banned. If you would like to come back to the clan, or become staff again, follow this format to make an appeal.

1) What rank were you before you were banned or demoted?
2) Who banned or demoted you?
3) Why should we let you back into the clan, or give you back your staff ranking?

If your appeal is accepted, you will be welcomed back into the clan, or given your staff position back. If it is denied, you will not be allowed to make another one, and any other submissions will be ignored.

Clan Rules
This is the official list of rules. However, there is a chance that you will receive a warning for something not on this list. In short, if you’re about to do something stupid, you’ll probably get a warning for it, even if its not on the list.

-Do not grief.
-Do not be disrespectful towards staff.
-Do not impersonate staff (wearing staff vanity).
-Do not use any unapproved weapons or armor in PvP.
-Do not become inactive without telling anyone or without having sound reasoning (staff).

Current Clan News or Events
The clan is still a WIP. We are working hard to finish the base. Because we don’t any full sets of moderators or helpers yet, we need some volunteers to take the positions. Preferably 2 moderators and 2 helpers (we already have 1 moderator). You do not have to submit an application, but the Admins at least need to know you and trust you.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

Version: Alpha
Clan is introduced. Clan Base is started. Admins Summy and XxCustomVanitiesxX are now part of the clan. Moderator Charia is now part of the clan. List of basic clan rules is created.

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