The All Rounders

Welcome to The All Rounder clan, the honorable ones. We fight to protect, we live to defend. It’s never a matter of life or death, it’s a matter of what breaks first, your will? Or the barriers in your way? We have no clan attire, wear what makes you feel proud to represent us.
Currently we are invite only, which means that if you intend to join our ranks, you will need to fill out a simple application (Note: Your application reflects who you are as a person. Impress me!) :

In-Game Name:
Why you wish to join:
What Rank you want and why:

Rainbow Legion

Currently, None.

Should you wish to become an ally, I would appreciate it if you would fill out a form:

Clan Name:
Why you’d be a good ally:

[King]-(Dr Tommy)
[Head builder]-(Lochie)

Clan Ranks
[King] -(Any Color) (Me)
[Recruiter and Public Speaker] (no color) Second in command
[Crusader] - (Green) Third in Command
[Wizards] - (Blue) All Powerful Wizards
[Knight] - (Orange) Members that are a month old
[Guard] - (Black) Members that Guard the clan base
[Newbie] - (Silver) New members
[Head Builder] (Yellow) The head builder of the clan

-Do not bad-mouth clan members.
-Do not bad-mouth other clans.
-Keep profanity to a minimum.
-Show everyone equal respect, regardless of rank/clan/gender/age.

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ild like to join :stuck_out_tongue:

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kk your now in the clan

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I would like to join!
I will train hard everyday and will perform on the field!
I will strive to be the best soldier I can! Sir!
(P.S. Ill make an app)

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kk your now in the clan as Guard have fun protect our base

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