Testing People For Helper In A Different Way

lots of people find it hard to get on as the same time as staff so if people get to testing phase what you could have is like a john thing but john asks you questions and you answer them and later staff can check what happened and decide if they should be a good helper or not

no cuz then ppl could only answer the bot’s questions and no one elses’

this would be on the website

again. ppl could answer the bot’s questions and no one elses

the way box does it is perfect fine,Dragons right they could answer bots questions but not ppls questions

wapa don’t know how helpers are tested zues.

I like it the way it is cuz ppl dont know when their being tested!!Its not that hard to become helper!!!

i know just help 24/7

What if u have other stuff in ur life that gets in the way

Anyways, they would only help the bot, and they could easily pass without helping anyone.

sorry, wapa, can’t help that. and chenaley that is soo true

I agree with Zues. When one is being tested one is not supposed to know that. What can happen is if said person knew that they would do there best a that time and then slack off for the rest of the time. It is supposed to be a secret when you are being tested.

that’s what i said. zues disagreed with me

Hahaha, I meant that this is more of a quiz, which is bad.

oh. ok :stuck_out_tongue: