Terraria Server Zombies

What is everyone’s highest zombie round? I just got to 22 or 23 or something, whatever the level is that makes your health 120 and your armor gone.
I’m interested to know how far people generally get!
(I got to that round on Cryptic Castle by myself with Melee class)


Been gone to 23 as well and that is in Cryptic Castle…

Cryptic is fun and all however I have this eerie feeling that it lacks a sense of challenge. It has become like a map for begginers now. My first time with that map despite not knowing of what to do, I got to round 15.

And I also know that NO ONE ASKED for my opinion. Just want to add more content to feed the readers mind.

Also I like Distant Windmill, Glass Castle, Pirate Harbour, forgot the names of the others that I like… And the most thrilling for me is DEATH HOUSE… Yes… I know… NO ONE ASKED


its fine, you can share your opinion

i like glass castle, mystic library, and demigods land

Demigods land is first, then library, then glass castle