As the title says, that’s the clans name.

It has no members as of yet besides me of course and its recruiting method is simply people asking to join at the moment.

The purpose of this clan is more of a social and conversational background. However it can be combat if one should wish; Completely up to the applicant…The name simply means “X variable” and so its easy to conform it to your needs.

We can start off with builds as soon as we get enough builders.

Our color preferably should be aquamarine or something along those lines. (Aquamarine <- Name 127-255-212 <- RGB code 7fffd4 <- HEX)


I would like to join. :smiley:

Alrighty then; Welcome.

Can I be in it?


:smiley: yay

Might I ask if this is still even a thing?

No idea, It was never implemented and simply just subsided to the bottom of the metaphorical “grave of forum post’s”.