Switching Hosts

We’re currently switching hosts. The server will be down for the time being and will hopefully be running tomorrow. No data has been lost so you will be able to join as like nothing changed. The IP itself will change however so keep hold of t.dark-gaming.com as this will automatically point to the new IP.

While it is down, I and a few others will be preparing the new template world. This includes a Member’s Sandbox, Mob Arena and Bigger Boss Arena and as always, a new fresh surface with no buildings.

Thanks for your patience,

Thank you for verifyingwhat has happened. Also, if I may, I would like to help, in any way possible, if that is something as small as giving out information about the new server, or something as big as helping design or test on the new world. If you would only prefer well trusted staff, then that Is fine. Also, does this mean a world reset??

Also, if I may, many people do know that I am an exceptional PvPer, and some people know of my love for pixel art, but I also have a knack for designing and building, so I feel like I could help with this if wanted or needed. I am just trying to help though, so denial is expected

Just making sure, we’re gonna lose our buildings on the world?

yep all of it fresh ground to build stuff

Lose our buildings!? Oh dang it, that spooky home took so long to build :,(…

Well, at least nothing was damaged (:
PS my dragonnnn ;.;

My phonie will disappear ;-;

lol i am lucky i dont build nothing :stuck_out_tongue:


And you all say that you lost your houses, what about my bunker? 6 days…
Rofle, is there any need for help on anything about the new server?

Not at this time. The template has been updated. I’m just waiting to get access to the VPS now.

Well, I guess I can redo my buildings without the hassle of destroying everything or looking for space. Since one of my qualities is the ability to do repetitive tasks without tire I also can help build the asphalt path for the new world when it’s out (unless that’s already in the template).

Dam I really want to play some Terraria on the server but I guess I gotta wait :stuck_out_tongue: and will the houses underground be deleted aswell since my house is underground?

Ultimate everything will be deleted except for the few buildings Rofle, tvolk, and I wish to keep. So you will have to rebuild the majority of your stuff

So does anyone know when the server will be back up exactly or naw?

Rofle said that it will take one day.

its all done

Installed Debian 7 over Ubuntu 14.04
Nothing has really changed except the fact that all house districts have been inadvertently deleted, and stats have been reset.

Report any major lag spikes.

i cant get on yet there’s other on

Windows Server 2012 R2 has been installed on a new Cloud-VPS with 4GB RAM and 4-Cores. This should have hardly any lag and should not randomly stop, causing major lag spikes.The DTP will be inaccessible until the website host allows the new IP for the websites software to use.

t.dark-gaming.com should update on everyones computers soon to reflect the new IP.