Survival Spawn Statue Complaint/Suggestion

The Spawn in Survival is good, but it still has a glaring flaw. The Statues that teleport NPCs to them are terrible. When you use a Statue, the NPC gets teleported, which can be helpful to get an NPC quickly. However, if someone accidentally sells an item to the NPC and was about to buy it back, the Menu closes and it’s permanently gone, which can be really frustrating. Also, because of the new NPC Happiness system, when an NPC get’s teleported, say the Goblin Tinkerer, prices of that NPC Sky Rocket because it is near more NPCs, which really sucks when reforging late game items that usually cost 9-12 gold that get pushed up to 15-20 gold because someone decided to flick the lever. In my opinion, the statues should be removed because they mostly just negatively impact the NPCs.

Those are some reasonable points, however, the main reason why the statues exist is to make NPCs more accessible to all players. NPCs can be placed in houses which are not accessible to new players (floating houses, boxed off houses, etc); and, although /tpnpc is available to all players, most new players are understandably unaware or unaccustomed to it. Of course, the very fact there is an additional way to access these NPCs may be in itself enough justification to completely remove the statues. I would like these see these statues removed as well.


The issue with newer players not knowing that /tpnpc exists can be solved easily by just having a sign that shows those core commands.


That is true, however it is also important to note how many players even read the signs. Many players do not know how to login despite clear instructions on the signs and even in the chat. Nevertheless, that issue can be framed as the fault of the player, but that is up to the admins to decide on.

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