Survival bosses are a little too easy..?

A while ago, when the boss strength modifiers weren’t added yet, every boss (except ks,eoc and golem) came with a challenge and required everyone to be geared up well and even then at least a few attempts to beat the boss.

Now, we can just wait until bosses hit the lowest difficulty and then easily kill them first try if a few people have good gear.

This feels too easy, there is no longer a challenge in survival and defeating a boss no longer feels as rewarding. As time passed many issues were fixed like pre-mech duke absolutely obliterating progression or rushing in general, but now it feels like every single boss (excluding wof) is a free win.

Maybe for experiment, make the minimum strength fot bosses 2 .0x/2.5x depending on the boss?
(Destroyer is extremely tanky so 2.5x would make it too high hp and probes would be hell, so 2x for it, but Queen Bee would be too easy with 2x as it doesn’t have a time limit and its attacks are quite easy to dodge because of its simple AI. In terms of WoF, i think in its current state it is the most balanced it has ever been so it would not have any changes.)

Basically because most bosses in survival is a guaranteed win after waiting until they are the weakest they can be, make every boss harder other than WoF for a reset to experiment with progression and get feedback from the rest of community.

I hope people won’t hate on me because I say bosses are too easy but they really are like seriously what is the fun and challenge in getting carried by three well geared people in a 0.8x boss fight

Maybe rewards are better after beating in a higher difficulty? Also, I think duke and golem should be released at the same time, rather than duke waiting like 6hrs after golem, or even post-plant Duke would be fine, since that would be the average same person be able to do it.


I agree, as I was someone who protested the Duke being locked behind golem at first. But my attitude towards the golem lock changed and I was actually completely fine with it. Then someone put a lock of time on the fatass fish, which in my opinion is completely unnecessary.


It’s the opposite for me, golem has no reason to be locked, duke does. It has post golem tier weapons that you can skip all of the game with.


I can’t even beat regular expert mode :frowning:


Skill issue
Also, I am currently struggling with WOF in summoner, I probably should use buffs in expert mode, thoughts? Also, easiest seed, celebrationmk10, is used, so I have a freaking jetpack on, lol


Ballista rod, and hell railway.