Survival - Live Test

As a result of testing with help of some community members this weeks survival is on (right now!)

Here’s a few things to note:

  • The world for this week was generated by a 1.4.1 server so its not a world yet
  • Failure messages may show in chat, these are likely to indicate desync because the server blocked some of your clients packets due to whatever reason it gave - all other debug messages from unstable are hidden
  • If you want to report an issue it is recommended to replicate it on unstable and send the message it gives when you replicate the issue
  • Loadouts are not supported so you have to use loadout 1 only or you will get kicked

I tried to fix the following from the testing:

  • Shimmer Arrows
  • Deerclops summoning
  • Sky Crates / Boss Bags
  • Using any of the permanent player upgrade items now shows players in survival


I forgot to say also, but in this update, saying versions like in chat (in survival) should no longer autoban you.


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and to think i’m still here for it :sunglasses:


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