Supporter Tier Update

Our Supporters now have access to:

  • Join/Leave Announcement Messages
  • Custom/Private Lobbies in GameModes
  • Reverent Ability in Zombies
  • Reduced AntiSpam measures

Alongside the existing perks:

  • Focus of the Month poll - decide which dimension gets priority for new features and bugfixes
  • Supporter Role on Discord

with more to come in the future.

Become a supporter:


I know that this should only be for Patreons, but was the harsher antispam reversed for regular players? It didn’t seem like it was from what people responded to me in in-game chat, so why was it marked implemented? (still a bug, or were you referring to something else as being unintentional and a bug?)


Only PvP is stuck on the bad version because Blanc needs to confirm that it is ok to restart PvP.