Suggestion of reworking the discord rules

Below I made a concept for reworking the discord rules. Do not hesitate to comment on what can be made differently or improved on this suggestion.

Red stroken through : This text is to remove
Yellow: This text is to add
(Orange in parantheses): Comments

  1. Do not be disrespectful to other members. This includes any form of harassment, racism, sexism, passive-aggressiveness, etc.
  2. No advertising without explicit permission from an Administrator.
  3. No NSFW content.
  4. No deliberately low-effort/quality posts, including spam, emoji spam, meaningless messages that de-rail chat, one word messages, etc.
    No disrupting chat flow
    (Clarifying when the message is spam and when not to avoid false warnings, because small chains don’t hurt the server when there are anyways only 20 people active all over the day)
  5. No illegal content that is illegal or breaks the Discord ToS. Offenders will be punished according to severity or repeat offenses.
  6. No controversial topics, such as religion or politics.
  7. Your username must consist of mostly characters typeable on an English keyboard and must not contain any text that, if entered as a chat message, would break the chat rules. Your username cannot have text that obstructs Discord’s formatting or other people’s messages. . We reserve the right to nickname you to fix these issues, and escalate punishment if in the event that you refuse to comply.
    (Discord crops names containing zalgo text and simplified the wording of if. Also there were warnings for people with “unpingable name”)
  8. These rules do not encapsulate everything that is not allowed. If a staff member deems an action you are doing to be unsuitable for the server, then you must comply and stop.

Edit 1: cf comment 2

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Lol for the spam section it’s still very limited. You’re just trying to make another strict pattern for Discord to keep people on the line. It should be like this:

  1. Don’t be disruptive to the chat (this means don’t spam, use copy-pastes and wall of texts that don’t contribute with the conversation in general)

I saw what u said about not hesitate on commenting and etc, but I’m really annoyed of seeing how nothing will change basically. And there’s no point of not commenting a suggestion here, that is your own remake of the rules.


Then a simpler approach is: don’t disrupt chat flow

Also Rule 8 allows for things like if staff just hates your art (that is not nsfw and similar) that staff can ban you, so delete rule 8.


yeah but that has never happened. and even if that did happen, i could appeal and say it was unfair. id say that the ban was unfair


I remember there was a mute against you for a “bad joke”


ok yeah but to be fair-

  • It wasnt a ban, it was just a short mute
  • this is the one of the few times i think this ever happened in the dg discord

damn who’s that sexy monkey?


I am posting this here in non-google doc form because one, it’s more aptly placed here and two, feedback on a post aimed towards allowing users to vent their frustrations isn’t the most suitable location.

From what I have read so far, what Rofle seems to want the most emphasis on for the discord rules is elaboration on what each rule considers allowed and not allowed, subsequently what is considered a violation or not. This is addressed in each bullet point under their respective, bolded and numbered rule.

Rule number 4(low effort/quality posts) will be screenshotted as the format given on the doc does not transfer over in the most legible way on the forums.

If you find yourself reading this, rejoice, because you are on your way to better understanding the rules of the DG(Dark Gaming) discord server and its system of infringements! Below, you will find further elaboration on our set of rules and what they entail to you, the community.

  1. Be respectful, civil, and welcoming.
  • This server is meant to be a safe space for those who share a common interest. Any attempts to jeopardize this notion will result in punishment.
  • Racial/Homophobic/Transphobic slurs are not permitted.
  • Toxicity is not permitted.
    Controversial topics(religion, politics) are not permitted.
  • Mass pinging is not permitted.
  1. All NSFW is prohibited
  • Includes, but is not limited to the following: Pornography, gore, piracy/other illegal material, profile pictures, names, emotes, images, and links.
  • Severity of punishment varies depending on the severity of the NSFW sent.
  1. Text that obstructs Discord formatting is not supported in USERNAMES.
  • If your name looks stupid and cannot be mentioned, staff reserve the right to give you a nickname.



  1. Use the respective channels for their intended purpose.
  • This should be self explanatory. If you want to spam, use the dedicated spam channel.
  1. Profile/DM/Messaged advertisement is not allowed.
  • If you are found to be doing any of the above unsolicitedly, you will be banned from the server.
  1. Rule Riling is not allowed.
  • Defined as violating “low risk” rules intentionally in order to irritate/annoy staff. If you are found to be wasting their time intentionally, you will be banned.
  1. These rules do not encapsulate everything that is allowed. If a staff member deems an action unsuitable for the server, you are expected to comply and stop. Further escalation will result in stricter punishment.