Suggestion: Chat report cmd

I would like to suggest a chat command which makes an announcement to the whole dimension / Moderators about an online player thats breaking the rules.

In doing so would make it easy for the Moderators to assess the situation, and will be a big help in the future of the server, as well as to rid off of all the scummy rule breakers.

Ofcourse with this cmd active it would be abusable and will lead to spammed chat in all dimensions. Knowing this I also want to suggest to make it a Crew only cmd, because those who have crew are already part of the community for months(not specifically) and are already familiar with the Server rules and guidelines, and to be make it more safe: you can only use it 5 times in 24 hours.

Note: You can also report Members, Crew, and Mods if they did break the rules. Admin and Developers will be an exception of course(may vary otherwise)

The Command will look like this: (in my opinion)


/rp [name] [rule broken] [dimension(z, pve, pvp, build, sv]

Input meanings:
rp - report
name - name of the player(precisely to not get confused)
rule broken - rules broken(No more than 10 words)
•z - zombies
•sv - survival

In chat:

*Alert!!! Player [name] has been caught braking the rules inside dimension: [dimension].
*Specified rule broken: [rule broken]
*If any staff is online, please assess the situation for further evidence of report

Note: The staff can also give a warning to the reported player if the rule broken was minor, but if player is not being cooperative then staff may Ban if necessary. This seems like unnecessary/ selfish of me but I believe people can have second chances.

Just because we do bad things does not mean we are bad people” - A person

Maybe reactivate pingstaff cmd while that is being deceloped?

If the cmd is sent from zombies say also the lobby id so mods can force join.


Whats pingstaff? Is that a cmd that lets you specifically send messages to staff?

Also Idk how to know the Id of a lobby. Im on mobile


when you do /inl aka /inlobbies it is shown in left of each lobby


well, another thing to consider is that the person being reported is a lot more likely to leave if their offense is publicized, making it actually harder for staff to handle.


Pingstaff has always been activated, it just doesn’t work the way you’d think. All it does is spawn a firework on moderators presently online in survival(since i believe survival is the only place that has it).