Sturmgeist89 ban appeal

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or if none, the reason
I was banned for getting into an argument with a few other users, don’t remember their names. The reason was listed simply as “Dark” and I didn’t get a number.

Link: Dark Gaming | DTP - Ban View

[Q2] Did you break the rules knowingly?
No, I was yelling at people over stuff that happened in the game and they were making me extremely angry. One of them was talking about how he was better at the game then anyone else and that all the other players could not contribute to the game. I thought that was unfair and I confronted him about it. Then I said the N word (Not the hard ER, the standard one ending in A) in reference to him regardless of his race. It was not a racist thing its just a thing some people say sometimes and then he tried to spin it that I was being racist when I didn’t even care what his race was at all, I was just pissed that he was putting other players down.

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
Absolutely not, if someone is putting other players down, I think it’s important for someone to stand up for other people and not tolerate someone invalidating and being derogatory to the playerbase.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
Because all I did was try to defend other players and make him understand that EVERYBODY has a right to play the game and can contribute. And it’s not just about him and his friends. It’s important to stand up for people, give those players a voice if they’re too scared to say anything about it.

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You were banned for multiple violations of the chat rules.

What were you referencing the three times you said it? Certainly not the connotation towards a certain race, because that surely disappears because you claim it’s not relative to such a thing, right?

That’s very true, within a boundary. One you’ve clearly trampled on.

In addition with what I said above, the reason of your ban is not solely because of the slurs you said. Instead of listing each reason, I’ll show you. It shouldn’t be hard to discern, due to it’s blatancy:



Which is irrelevant because the time I said faggot was all directed at enemies in the game, so you can completely wipe any credibility or noteworthiness from that one.

All the other stuff was also just me saying shit in response to the game, so once again no relevancy there.

The stuff about semen and parents I don’t even know what that has to do with anything. And the time about me saying I hope someones family dies, was after he insulted and bullied me first, I didn’t start that argument.

With the N word, he never even mentioned his race, saying the N word is an ebonics thing and Non-Americans (which I assume you are) need to understand it isn’t always about race. I think most people know that regardless of where they are from.

I didn’t trample any boundary, other players shouldn’t have to stand for abuse and I was justified in calling him out for it 110%.

None of those things warrant a ban. It’s either directed to ingame enemies, said after I was already harassed first, or just an obvious meme for the masses to enjoy.

I still rest my case and believe I am justified in defending those people from him.

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It has complete relevance, because as stated, you were banned for multiple violations of the rules. Those said rules explicitly say

Profanity and related language is to be used rarely, and may not be used against someone.

of which the prior applies quite favorably on my side. That goes double for offensive terms, which don’t need to be directed at people to have any affect, alongside the rule directly targeting sexual/other/related messages.

That’s irrelevant. Why else are you saying a slur, unless you’re trying to imply you have a completely different meaning you were trying to convey by doing so? And as I said previously,

meaning you being aware or not of someone’s race doesn’t change how any other person will interpret your use of it, which is why slurs themselves are forbidden.


How is that irrelevant? And yes, context is key, in this case it means “Idiot” or “annoying person” not “black” Like I said that isn’t even a nuance. Everybody knows it, but people try to act like they don’t so they can scream racism.

If those words are supposed to be banned words, then make a filter so they would be blocked out, why would a banned word not even be filtered? How is that my fault that those rules are basically impossible to be upholded without going to extremes such as bans?

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And I assume what comes next is an understandable reason you used a slur instead of saying “idiot” or “annoying person”? You arguing that a slur doesn’t need to be race based only tells me you’re completely aware of what meaning it carries to some people, and yet you still decided to use it despite the alternatives you provided yourself with just now.

Do you think people who go to such extent to break such rules consistently enough to make a filter necessary will be completely restricted once one is in place? Subversion is no hard feat.

The rules in question here don’t completely prohibit the use of those words either. Not all words are applied to the same context, nor do most people use them excessively enough that it’s necessary to enforce against them to begin with. In other words, the vast majority of users fall into the category of appropriate use.


I knew you’d say that. You see you’re reading into it far too much. It’s a cultural thing.

And if the words aren’t prohibited then why was I even banned in the first place?

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If you aren’t going to refute it then feel free not to. It saves time for me, knowing you don’t seem to be considerate, or just care enough, to choose a simple non-offensive alternative you’re well aware of, and instead stick to a slur that has the potential of being offensive to any bystanders.

Completely prohibited. There are exceptions, which I listed in my quote.


I sent a post but I don’t think it went through.

What I said was that it isn’t a matter of me being inconsiderate, it’s just a word that I’ve been so accustomed to that it doesn’t even cross my mind that someone would take it in that manner, it’s something I don’t wrap my head around very well. And yes I understand there are alternatives.

And with the second thing, in terms of exceptions, I’m still not really understanding what you mean.


Yeah, it’s true there are many different words I could have used that would that don’t have origins based on someone’s race or the potential for someone to misinterpret them in that way. It’s not a matter of me being inconsiderate though, it’s simply something I am accustomed to on such a level that the thought of someone considering it offensive is hard to believe or cross my mind.

Exceptions? I’m not following, can you describe it to me in detail, I’m not really understanding.