Stuff To Make The DTP More Useful

I have thought about this suggestion thoroughly and long (A whole five seconds!) and it is time I present it to you : The Market!


What it will allow :

Obviously :
First and foremost, it will allow better trading. People will be able to better without really any problem. Instead of trading with only one player, people can trade publicly and the first person to accept the trade well, accepts the trade.

More Use of DTP :
People will start using the DTP for getting better colors, titles, loot boxes, etc. which means of course, better use of the DTP. Even though people may get colors and titles or stuff out of it, it’s more rarely used for trading, even though trading is right in the name. This suggegstion will solve this problem and get people to actually trade.

Better Item Distribution :
People can sell and trade around the items they don’t want, for example my the hideous, chicken, imbecile, the lame, and the target. Some people may want these and can fast and easily buy it without having to connect with the trader in any way really.

The Actual Suggestion :

Currency :
The currency will completely be DP. The only other currency is credits, which are for well, crediting, not for shuffling around like what happens with DP.

Shops :
In the DTP itself, “shop” will be replaced with “shops”. People can make different shops (custom name, description, items, etc.) with a max of three shops.

Items :
People can sell the items they don’t want to have for DP. They could sell colors, tags, titles, cmds, and loot boxes (except the loot box from voting). People can buy these if they want the items. However, if you put an item into the shop, it can’t come back out. This is to prevent using shops as storage. There is also a fee of 300 DP to put items into the shop, which will go to banks to allow more users to get DP from playing.

Auction Place :
There will also be something called the Auction Place, which allows people to put items for auction publicly.

DP Donation :
As a way to earn credits while keeping it named credits, I suggest that you can donate DP to banks for credits. However, there may be a problem where someone can just donate DP to PvE, defeat empress like 20 times to get all the DP back, and keep donating, etc. till they have basically an infinite stash of credits.

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EoL is impossible to farm now, so no worries there!

I think one major reason why people do not frequently trade in the DTP is because no one finds a reason to do so. As of now, there really aren’t many things in the market that are valuable.
You can already create your own custom tag and title if you spend 30 days on the server (accrue 1.50 Credits), rendering most other titles and tags ornamental.
Colors, cmds, colored titles, and vanities are the only things in the market with any real value.
There scarcely have been cases where people trade color in the past, and most people usually get them individually.
In the market, the cmd is probably one of the most coveted and traded items. Nowadays, some of the most used cmds (/rain, /fullmoon, etc), which were primarily used in Survival, are nothing more than useless relics from the past. I only ever see real use of DTP cmds in Survival. All other dimensions are mostly sufficient with the cmds they inherently provide, so there is no real demand from persons who do not play survival.
Colored titles and vanities are event-exclusive as of now, and they are simply too rare to be marketable. I do not think anyone will be willing to trade them.

As the DTP is right now, it encourages the player to sacrifice all other extraneous colors, titles, and tags to the ones that are currently equipped. Since most of them have no real marketable value, there is no real reason why you want to keep them since there is probably no real demand for them.

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This is more a response to criticism:

This has been brought up before. This is why that suggestion exists because it is a system redesign aimed at reworking parts of the system that fail the economy problem. One of the things mentioned is also that voting didn’t give credits, which addresses what @FAdadadada said on custom items, but further, the way item lifetime is handled relies on a more economy focused approach.

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