Steam sign in not working.

When I try to sign in through steam the sign in button wont work, why the hell is that?

Dranix, please do not post threads with such few words. If you’re going to post a thread you should only post it if it’s important. You could have just asked me on the server. Please read this: click here. Also this is something to do with steam, not dark-gaming.[Rofl has stated below that it is not in fact a problem with steam. :P] I am closing this thread. Next time please ask questions via pm, the shoutbox or the terraria server. :smiley:

If there is a specific problem that you think to be a bug with the website, it must be posted in The thread must contain as much information about the problem as possible including any steps you have already taken and how someone would reproduce the error.

I’d also like to note that it must be an issue while using and not steamcommunity or other website.