Steam names

Whats your steam name ? For times like this when the servers down its good to have server friends on steam to keep the loneliness away. Here’s mine

this thread will cause spam u could just pm us

the spam example: ballman21
see one word posts

I don’t see a problem with it. It has enough content in the OP to not be considered spam. It would fall into the Spam category if those sharing their steam profiles would post the link as the only word in the post. But that one word is an answer to the OP’s request, and shouldn’t be considered Spam as much as one-word posts like “Ok.” and “Oh.” are considered.

You could always move this to Off-Topic if it causes too much hassle.

I’m pretty sure this should stick to PM’s regardless, I myself speak on behalf of a lot of members here when I say that not all of us want our steam names to be made public. If you want a specific friend, you can sort this out over PM’s. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, I’m just saying it’s unlikely to get many responses.

yea… i don’t want random ppl i don’t know sending me friend requests over steam.

everyone would probably get friend requests from random peeps.